This Terminator Mortal Kombat 11 combo can finish a round in seconds

ComboGodGaming is back with another great Mortal Kombat combo that should instantly kill most opponents. Earlier this year, ComboGodGaming showcased stunning combos from Kotal Kahn and Shang Tsung. ComboGodGaming showcased how to get over 100% damage against any opponent in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate using these two combatants.

ComboGodGaming recently uploaded a Mortal Kombat video in which Terminator performs a deadly combo. As part of the 'swaggy combo,' Terminator deals 1,002.62 damage, which is roughly 100% against most of the characters in the game. Only those with 1,050 and 1,100 health will be able to survive these devastating blows.

This Mortal Kombat Terminator Kombo is deadly

A video like this lets viewers sense the power behind every hit against Spawn. Terminator holds nothing back against Spawn, and each blow is powerful in and of itself. In the middle of the combo, it becomes clear that these may not be quick, but they are explosive enough to get the job done.

The combo starts with ComboGodGaming hitting the opponent with a Krushing Blow uppercut. The stage choice is significant as the Terminator will eventually need to use an interactive that can freeze opponents in the middle of combat. A Krushing Blow is unavoidable, and three blows are delivered to the opponent. Each Krushing Blow adds additional damage to the Terminator's combo.

In the end, the opponent decides to perform a breaker, but ComboGodGaming uses an armor-breaking Fatal Blow to counter this. This is most likely to get the damage even higher. The scaling of the Fatal Blow is heavily impacted by the breaker attempt, pushing Terminator's damage above 1,000.

ComboGodGaming is always looking for ways to increase its Mortal Kombat damage output, including using breakers against the enemy. Nevertheless, it is beautiful to see and adds to the cinematic feel of the combination. If anyone wants to try, ComboGodGaming has many more videos to build up to great combos like this one.

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