Monster Hunter Stories 2 Pirate Treasure Location: X Marks the Spot Walkthrough

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 features a wide collection of sub quests to take on while you move the story forward. You'll find one called 'X Marks the Spot' which can be picked up in Kuan Village in the Loloska region. It sends you off on a scavenger hunt to find Pirate's Treasure. We've detailed the locations for the three clues, as well as what you'll get at the end of the quest.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Pirate Treasure Location: X Marks the Spot Walkthrough

The X Marks the Spot quest in Monster Hunter Stories 2 tasks you with finding three locations based on some clues. The three areas you will need to visit are listed below. We'll go into a bit more detail on each later on in this article.

  • Sailor's Beach
  • Hapuna Falls (North Kamuna)
  • Zeramon Oasis (Lamure Desert)

Sailor's Beach | Treasure Location 1

The first clue describes a boat and a beach. You'll want to head to Sailor's beach in the Alcala region. Facing the ocean, move to the right. You'll see a small shining spot right in the corner. This will give you another clue. This one describes 'Sky halved by water'.


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Hapuna Falls | Sky Halved By Water Clue

The next spot is described as 'Sky halved by water'. This is a waterfall, and points to a location in North Kamuna Cape. This is on Hakolo Island. We've included a map below:


Once you're at Hapuna Falls, go to the right of the waterfall to find the next clue. This one describes life in the sands of death, and suggests that the clue shines at night.

Zeramon Oasis | Life From the Sands of Death

Finally, it's time to head to the Lamure Desert and to the Zeramon Oasis. This is the fourth main area in the game, and is unlocked after completing the story in Loloska. Head to West Lamure Desert, and look for a shining oasis in the sands.

You'll want to do this at night, so change the time of day if you haven't already. Now, look for shining points of light, particularly next to the Everden nearby.


You can see the exact location on the map above. If you're having trouble getting to this point, move through to the West Lamure Desert to start. You can see this exit on the map below.



Once you have found the treasure, which just so happens to be a hand mirror, head back to Kuan Village to turn it in. You'll get 5000 zenny for doing so, as well as 10 bottlecaps and some gold which you can sell.

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