Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Speed Up Battles

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 features a different type of combat than you may be used to. It's turn-based, and decidedly much slower than the mainline series. Because of this, and the frequency with which you fight monsters, you may want to speed things up a bit. You can actually do this while in battle, doubling the speed of the fight or going even faster if you wish. Here's how to speed up fights in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Speed Up Battles

To speed up battles in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you will need to press the '+' button while in battle. You'll see an icon in the top left of the screen with a fast-forward symbol. Pressing it once will double the speed, then you can press it again to go even faster. You can alter the speed whenever you want in battle, perfect for fast fights while out exploring. You can see the speed up symbol in the screenshot below:

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How to Skip Battle Cutscenes

During battle you may trigger lengthy cutscenes after performing special attacks. These can be skipped by holding down the '+' button on Nintendo Switch. You can do this for most Kinship attacks and other cutscenes performed by Battle Buddies.

That's how to speed up battles in Monster Hunter Stories 2. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guides on How to Swim and How to Ground Dive.


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