Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Ground Dive

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Monster Hunter Stories lets you explore its many environments while riding on your favourite Monsties. Some will have special Rider Actions that allow you to access new resources and areas. While out in the field you may come across holes in the ground that can be interacted with. This is called Ground Diving, and can only be performed by a handful of Monsties. Here's how to Ground Dive.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Ground Dive

To Ground Dive in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you will need to have your Lead Monstie set as a Monstie that has the Dive Rider Action. The first you'll come across is the Basarios, which can be found in Alcala. You'll actually be given a quest to track down a Basarios in Rutoh Village. Just get yourself an egg from its den and you'll be able to Ground Dive.

Ground Dive Monsters List

There are many monsters that can use the Ground Dive ability. Here are the ones we've unlocked so far:

  • Basarios
  • Jade Barroth
  • Cephadrome

A baby Basarios in Monster Hunter Stories 2
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What Does Ground Dive Do?

Generally, Ground Dive allows you to reach areas you wouldn't be able to otherwise. There's often valuable resources in these small hidden areas, and occasionally chests. Because of this you'll want to make sure you have a Monstie that can Ground Dive in your party.

Ground Dive Locations

You'll find Ground Dive locations while exploring all areas of Monster Hunter Stories 2. They can be found by looking for holes in the ground, usually by a resource box that appears to be in its own, small, segmented area.

That's how to Ground Dive in Monster Hunter Stories 2. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on finding Duskshrooms. Elsewhere there's our look at getting more stable space.


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