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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Change Appearance

You get to design your rider at the beginning of Monster Hunter Stories 2. There's options for choosing face shape, skin colour and makeup, as well as a selection of different voices offer. Once you've made your initial choices, some of them will be locked in permanently while others can be changed while playing. Here's how to change your character appearance in Monster Hunter Stories 2, and which options can't be changed.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Change Your Appearance

To change your appearance in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you will need to go to the chest in your house. From there you can manage your appearance. You get the option to change hair, makeup, and armour colour. Other options are not available currently.

Changing Armour colour at the home chest in Monster Hunter Stories 2
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What Can't You Change at the Item Box?

You can only change a handful of appearance options after the initial section of the game. Anything other than hair and makeup are not available, meaning that you cannot change body type, skin colour or face shape, or the voice of your character.

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Character Edit Vouchers

Given that Capcom eventually introduced character edit vouchers into Monster Hunter Rise, it it's no surprise that they are included in Stories 2 as well. You'll need to reach the second village in the game before getting access to the Connecticat. From this merchant you can unlock downloadable content. Character Edit Vouchers can be purchased here.

That's all you need to know about changing your appearance in Monster Hunter Stories 2. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on how to swim Elsewhere there's our Monster Hunter Stories 2 review.