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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Demo Download Size

Monster Hunter Stories 2 provides a slightly different take on the MH universe than you may be used to. It's less about killing monsters as it is about befriending them. It's also a lot more story-focused than games in the mainline series, allowing you to delve deeper into the lore and world. There's a demo available on Nintendo Switch currently, letting players experience a slice of the upcoming game before launch. Here's how big the download size is.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Demo Download Size

To download the Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo you will need 2.8GB of space on your Nintendo Switch. This will allow you to play through the opening section of the game, getting you prepared for the full release. Just head to the Nintendo eShop and search for the game. You'll see a 'Free Demo' option underneath the purchase options. Select this to start the download.

A baby Rathian breaks out of its egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.
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How to Speed up the MH Stories 2 Demo Download

The first thing you can do to speed up the download of the MH Stories 2 Demo is make sure your Nintendo Switch is charged. If you have one, put it in the dock to ensure battery life stays full during download. Pause any other downloads and make sure you have enough space. If you don't, use the Archive feature to save space, you'll still get to keep your save data. It's recommended that you refrain from playing any games during the download, as this can slow down the install. If you're finding that downloads are taking too long on your Switch, consider picking up a USB to ethernet adapter. In my experience the third-party ones work just as well as the official Nintendo accessory *(which is unsurprisingly pretty pricey).

That's how big the download size is for the Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on whether the game has multiplayer. Elsewhere there's our look at how it serves as a sequel to the first game.