Monster Hunter Rise: Zinogre Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

Zinogre is one of Monster Hunter Rise’s more powerful beasts, a lightning-wielding monster that requires intellect and strategy to safely beat. We’ll show you Zinogre’s weaknesses, the best strategy and how to beat it below, as well as all the best rewards you can get for doing so.

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How to Beat Zinogre in Monster Hunter Rise

Zinogre is a unique enemy with several potent weaknesses, but it’s more than made up for by its numerous strengths, as well as the ability to supercharge and become more powerful than before. We’ll go into detail on how to beat it below, starting with the important basics.

Zinogre Weaknesses

Zinogre’s weaknesses are as follows, in descending order of effectiveness.

  • Ice (three stars)
  • Water (two stars)
  • Fire (two stars)

The fact that Zinogre has three separate weaknesses to exploit is very helpful, as it means you should have something at this point in the game that can make the most of it. Obviously you should look for ice attacks if you have them, but water and fire work almost as well.

Zinogre Tips and Strategy

Zinogre is a fast, powerful foe who wields thunder and lightning in combat. There’s several key pieces of information you should have in mind when battling it, as they could make the difference.

  • Aside from its weaknesses, Zinogre is also immune to Thunder attacks and resistant to Dragon. Avoiding using these if at all possible.
  • Its own attacks are heavily Thunder-based, so go in equipped to resist this as much as possible.
  • Zinogre uses large, sweeping moves, often with its huge tail. Always be ready to wirebug straight upwards, as many of its moves can be dodged by going over them.
  • It has a backflip tail strike that’s very fast. When it's turned away from you and looks back over its shoulder, dodge to the side!
  • Like with many monsters, the head is the weakest point. Hit the skull for increased damage.
  • Every now and then Zinogre will be surrounded by tiny glowing bugs. This is it charging up. You can hit it hard to interrupt this, and we recommend doing so.
  • If Zinogre becomes supercharged, its spinal plates will go electric blue, and it will gain the ability to shoot electric balls at the player. These have a wavy, winding pattern that makes going above them easier than a strafe dodge. It also adds additional Thunder damage to all its attacks.
  • Zinogre’s supercharged mode will end given enough time, but it’s a very long time. You can cancel it early or reduce the timer by doing damage to his head and glowing back plates (not easily reached, you’ll need to get above it or knock it down).

Zinogre Rewards

Zinogre’s materials are used to craft a variety of sets, including many electric melee weapons and its own Zinogre armour, which is designed to boost Affinity and critical hit chance while minimising any Thunder damage you take. It’s a powerful set, and one definitely worth crafting if you have the material.

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