Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills: What Are They, How To Unlock and Change Them

Monster Hunter Rise has brought plenty of new aspects and content to the Monster Hunter Series. In particular, Switch Skills is really interesting and if used correctly can aid the player in doing insane amounts of damage. The question is how do you unlock Switch Skills and how do you change them? Keep reading to find out just that!

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What Are Switch Skills?

Switch Skills are a new feature introduced into Monster Hunter Rise, it allows players to 'switch' their regular and Silkbind Sttacks around. In regards to Silkbind Attacks, you can only swap one of the two.

How To Unlock Switch Skills

You can unlock Switch Skills as you progress throughout the story, they won't be immediately available when you start the game. Be sure to look out for prompts to speak to Master Utsushi. Below you can find all of the scenarios in which you can unlock Switch Skills:

  • First Set
    • Complete the Urgent Quest, Feathered Frenzy, then speak to Master Utushi, once completed he will teach you the Switch Skills for all 14 weapons.
  • Second Set
    • You'll need to upgrade or craft 5 unique weapons of the same type to unlock the second set.
  • Third Set
    • To unlock the third set you'll need to reach higher ranks within the Hub (4+). The Sword and Shield, Hunting Horn, Light Bowgun and Switch Axe are unlocked at four stars, the Greatsword, Hammer, Lance, Charge Blade, Heavy Bowgun at 5 stars, and the Long Sword, Dual Blades, Gunlance, Insect Glaive and Bow at 6-stars. Missions will unlock for each which will need to be completed.

How To Change Switch Skills

Players can change their Switch Skills anywhere that contains an item box, just like the following locations:

  • Your Room
  • Buddy Plaza
  • Training Area
  • Gathering Hub
  • Hub Prep Area
  • Village near Hinoa
  • Inside Camp Tent

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