Monster Hunter Rise Rachnoid Silk: How To Find and Use It

Monster Hunter Rise is all about hunting down and slaying monster, the objective is in the title. Most creatures will be able to be carved, dropping resources the player can then use. Rachnoids will drop Rachnoid Silk which can be really useful so let's find out where to find it.

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How To Find Rachnoid Silk

Rachnoids can be found in the Sandy Plains, more specifically Areas 7 and 11, you can fast travel to Subcamp 2 if you want to get there quickly. An easy way to harvest a bunch of silk is to do THE BEST Quest, in this mission you'll need to kill 10 Rachnoids, as well as that the locations of the creatures will be marked on your map!

How To Use Rachnoid Silk

Rachnoid Silk can be used to craft and upgrade a number of items, including weapons and armour which you can find below:


  • Grass Flute I
  • Teddybear I
  • Alacrantze II (Upgrade)
  • Arachnid Bow II (Upgrade)
  • Arko Unu (Upgrade)
  • Cornupion II ((Upgrade)
  • Kamura Blade III (Upgrade)
  • Kelbi Stingshot II (Upgrade)
  • Mandible Blade II (Upgrade)
  • Rielle Nulo II (Upgrade)
  • Secta Nulo Yellow I (Upgrade)


  • Aelucanth Brachia/Rhopessa Brachia
  • Aelucanth Thorax/Rhopessa Vertex
  • Bnahabra Coil S
  • Melahoa Folia
  • Melahoa Hat
  • Mosgharl Creeper
  • Mosgharl Folia
  • Skalda/Spio Elytra

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