Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get the Quick Sheath Skill

Once you've reached the end of the available Village Quests in Monster Hunter Rise you will want to start focusing on your build. Each piece of equipment you use will come with an associated set of skills. Some will focus on boosting crit damage while others will allow you do deal elemental blights and status effects. If you're a Long Sword user, the Quick Sheath skill is going to be an essential skill for any build you're putting together, allowing you to counter quickly and deal huge damage.

Quick Sheath can be acquired in a number of different ways, depending on what gear you have. In this Monster Hunter Rise Quick Sheath guide we'll take a look at the easiest ways to get the Quick Sheath skill in Monster Hunter Rise. We'll look at Decorations, Talismans and more.

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Monster Hunter Rise Quick Sheath Explained

Quick Sheath is a skill that you can get in Monster Hunter Rise. It speeds up weapon sheathing, useful for weapons like the Long Sword. There are three levels, with each providing a faster sheathing animation. Level 3 is extremely fast, and will allow you to perform faster counters. It's basically an essential skill for Long Sword users.

How to Get Quick Sheath

There are a few different ways to get Quick Sheath in Monster Hunter Rise. Here's the key points:

  • Armour pieces like the Barioth set will grant Quick Sheath
  • Decorations like Sheath Jewel 2
  • Some Talismans will come with a Quick Sheath skill boost

Highlighting the Quick Sheath skill on the Barioth armour set in Monster Hunter Rise.
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Quick Sheath Decorations

To get Quick Sheath using Decorations you will need to create the Sheath Jewel 2 decoration. You'll need the following to craft it:

  • Bloodrun Jewel x2
  • Nargacuga Pelt+ x2
  • Tobi-Kadachi Claw+ x1
  • Bishaten Talon+ x1
  • 1500z

Note that the Sheath Jewel Decoration is a level 2 decoration. You'll need a level 2 slot to use it on an armour piece.

Talismans With Quick Sheath

Finally, you can get Quick Sheath Talismans. These are random drops received by using the Melding Pot. Head to our Talisman Farming guide for more info on farming specific skills.

That's all you need to know about getting the Quick Sheath skill in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game check out our guide on the content coming in 2021. Once you're done there check out our Monster Hunter Rise Crimson Glow Valstrax guide.

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