Monster Hunter Rise Talisman Farming: Here's the Fastest Way to Farm Talismans

Monster Hunter Rise's endgame is dominated by Talisman farming. You'll need specific Talismans for certain builds, and with random rolls being the only way to get them things can get pretty overwhelming pretty fast. To help you roll the Talisman of your dreams we've put together this MH Rise Talisman Farming guide. We'll take a look at the fastest farming methods for melding Talismans, and break down which Melding Method to use depending on which skills you're trying to get.

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Fastest Ways to Farm Talismans in MH Rise

There are a few different ways to effectively farm for materials for Talisman Melding in Monster Hunter Rise. Which one you use is up to you, but there are benefits for each type of method. Here are the three main Talisman Farming methods we're going to cover:

  1. Narwa
  1. Elder Dragon/Teostra
  2. Defender Tickets

Narwa Farm

The first method to try out is taking down Thunder Serpent Narwa. This fight is much more scripted than the others, so is easy to learn. Go in solo with two Gathering type Palicos and after a while you'll be clearing the stage in 10 minutes or less. Narwa parts are worth up to 80 Melding Points each, and you'll get a lot of them for beating the mission. For most, this will be the fastest method for farming Melding materials currently in MH Rise.

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Teostra/Elder Dragons

As of Update 2.0, you can now fight more Elder Dragons including Teostra. Teostra is a difficult fight, but if you're up to it its parts are worth as much as Narwa's. You can bring Gathering Palicos in here, and even select Bunny Dango to increase quest rewards. There's a puppet spider at location 1 on the Lava Caverns map, this can be used to mount a Rakna Kadaki and do some damage to Teostra. Broken Parts will drop too.

Defender Tickets

Our last method is farming Defender Tickets from Rampage Missions. These missions take a while but often drop great Melding materials. Defender Ticket 8s are great for Melding, adding 90 points each. Rampage Apex Mizutsune and Apex Diablos are good missions to farm. Once you get the hang of how Rampage missions work you'll be clearing them quickly.

Which Melding Method to Use

Generally, you'll be using Tier 3 or Tier 4 Melding techniques. These are the Moonbow and Wisp of Mystery methods respectively. Most players at this point will be looking for WEX Talismans with level 2 Deco slots. Use Moonbow for this, specifying the Weakness Exploit skill each time. For everything else, you should be using the Wisp of Mystery. It's more random, but generally grants more Rarity 7 drops. Be aware that this is some brutal RNG, and it'll take you months to get exactly what you want unless you get lucky. Just keep following the tips above and you'll get what you want eventually.

That's the best ways to farm Talismans in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on beating Teostra. Elsewhere there's our MH Rise Review.

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