Monster Hunter Rise Khezu: Weaknesses, Ailments and How to Defeat It

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Some monsters in Monster Hunter Rise can fill you with guilt as you carve their freshly killed bodies for a new hat or shiny piece of armour. Others, like the Khezu, are genuine nightmare creatures that do not deserve to be walking around on four legs. The Khezu is a tricky fight, so here’s its weaknesses, ailments and the parts you’ll get from it. 

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Monster Hunter Rise Khezu Weaknesses

The neck and head of the Khezu are its main weak points. Other than that, the wing is its only particularly strong area. You’ll want to use fire against the Khezu, with water and dragon also doing marginal extra elemental damage. 


Poison is the only 3-star ailment that can be inflicted on Khezu. Bring some Poison Smoke Bombs with you and try to use them when it is weak. Blast and Fireblight are also good here. Khezu can deal Thunderblight, so bring Nulberries.

The hunter notes screen in Monster Hunter Rise

Best Weapons and Armour to Use Against the Khezu

Given that the Khezu is weak to fire and deals thunder damage, we recommend heading in with these pieces of gear:

  • Weapons: Basarios tree, Anjanath tree, Hand-Me-Down tree
  • Armour: Wroggi, Barroth, Khezu, Bishaten, Kadachi, Zinogre (best choice here)


There are some great materials you can get for fighting the Khezu. Here's what you get at low rank, we'll add the high rank parts once we've unlocked them.

  Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Parts Carves Dropped Materials
Flabby Hide15161003640
Suspicious Fang 2933602120
Pale Extract2023282880
Pale Bone81012----
Electro Sac1818--15--
Wyvern Tear--------50


The Khezu is a seriously slippery foe. Keep these essential tips in mind when heading out to fight it:

  • It can extend its neck. Dodge this attack and then go in hard on its throat.
  • Bring Nulberries to cure Thunderblight
  • Back off when it is charging electric attacks
  • Use poison smoke bombs to weaken it
  • Aim for the head and neck!

That’s how to defeat the Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on getting Kamura Tickets. For more, head on over to our MH Rise Walkthrough.