Monster Hunter Rise End Expedition Tour: How to Complete Expedition Quests

Monster Hunter Rise sets you out on quests to take down a wide variety of monsters. There’s also other quest types to take on. Some will task you with collecting dropped items, while others ask for specific hides and resources. You can also head into an Expedition Tour, where you have unlimited time to explore and gather. Once you’re done you’ll need to end the quest yourself. Here’s how.

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How to End Expedition Quests in Monster Hunter Rise

To complete Expedition Quests in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to press ‘+’, scroll to the Quest Menu and select ‘Complete Quest’. This will take you back to Kamura Village. Make sure you have all that you need, you have unlimited time to gather resources like Malachite Ore. There will usually be large monsters around too. Monsters like the Great Izuchi are really easy to kill so consider taking one down before leaving the area.

It’s also worth checking your side quests to see if there’s anything you can complete while out on an Expedition Tour. These will all boost your score and reward you with Armour Spheres when you return back to Kamura Village.

That’s how to complete Expedition Quests in Monster Hunter Rise. For more help slaying monsters visit our page on Sheathing Your Weapon. Once you’re done there visit our page on Changing Your Appearance in MH Rise.

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