Monster Hunter Rise: Chameleos Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

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One of the newest bosses added to Monster Hunter Rise as part of the 2.0 update, the twitchy Chameleos has returned from previous games to inflict poison, go invisible and torment the player to the point of madness. Still, we’re here to help, and show you the Chameleos’ weaknesses, the best strategy and how to beat it.

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How to Beat Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat the Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise you need to be wary of its invisibility camouflage and powerful poison attacks, as it enjoys poisoning the player before going on the defensive and watching you slowly die, occasionally leaping in with a stealth attack to whittle you down. We’ll start with its weaknesses.

Chameleos Weaknesses

As far as we could work out, the Chameleos has a distinct weakness to the following elements, so make sure they’re imbued in your weapons:

  • Fire (Major)
  • Dragon (Major)
  • Thunder (Minor)

We also discovered that it’s slightly more vulnerable to blunt weapons, and that the head, front legs and tail are less armoured than its torso, back legs and wings. The best thing you can do is bash it on the head with a hammer infused with raw Fire or Dragon damage .

Chameleos Strategy and Tips

As mentioned, Chameleos uses gimmicky techniques that aren’t exhibited by other monsters, so you won’t have much practice for this kind of threat. That’s why we’ve put together this advice on how to beat it with a basic strategy.

  • Chameleos frequently turns invisible or partially-transparent. If it’s the latter try and keep it within your field of view to avoid losing track of it, but if it disappears altogether, it’s about to quickly reposition and strike from an unexpected angle - get ready to counterattack when it lunges out of stealth at you. You can keep track of it via the dust kicked up when it jumps, but in the chaos of battle it’s easy to lose track, especially with it leaping around to minimise these markers.
  • If you inflict elemental damage, this can actually keep it revealed during its invisibility, with telltale flames or electricity around where it would be. If you can break its horn on its head, that can stop it from going invisible altogether!
  • It’ll sometimes do a sweep attack in front of it while hidden. This doesn’t do much damage but it does knock you back and leave you vulnerable to follow-up.
  • Chameleos can spit poison in sprays, or fly up and cough billowing clouds down that are very hard to avoid. These do a lot of damage over time, so keep numerous Antidotes and Herbal Medicines on you to cure yourself. The sprays are easy to avoid - they’re basically straight lines that can be dodged with a side-strafe - but the clouds will likely need a wirebug to clear, either by dashing away or over them. These clouds can sometimes hang around for a while, leaving a whole section of the battlefield toxic.
  • Chameleos will sometimes lash the ground in front of it with its tongue. This is a quick move for low damage, basically designed to push away any foes in front of it, but again - it leaves you very vulnerable to a follow-up.
  • As a rule, whenever Chameleos raises its head up, it’s about to either shoot poison or its tongue at you. Get ready to dodge!
  • Spend too much time around the tail, and it’ll slam it against the floor, creating a shockwave of rocks that fan out. Wirebug up over them.
  • When angry, Chameleos starts going invisible a lot more, and focuses more heavily on brute force attacks - tackles, charges, and a powerful move where it stands up on its hind legs to fall on you. Don’t let this last one get you, it’s a killer. Bash it in the head a lot to stun it and end this state prematurely.
  • A strange final point - Chameleos’ tongue and bite attacks can actually steal items from the player, particularly Petalace pollen. Don’t get hit by these if you don’t want to be mugged in the process!
Monster Hunter Rise Chameleos weakness
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The Chameleos has a nasty habit of reappearing right in front of you for a surprise attack.

Chameleos Rewards and Recipes

Chameleos materials are most effectively put towards making the Mizuha Armour, a pale set that boosts Ice resistance, along with poison damage and evasion skills. Makes sense when paired with the Chameleos-based weapons, which all focus on high poison damage and attacks. Go in, poison the enemy, then dodge around watching them slowly go green.


How to Unlock Chameleos Fight

Chameleos doesn't show up until the very late game. Once you reach HR20 in the Hub, you’ll get a quest called Ancient Illusion, in which you can fight Chameleos in the Shrine Ruins. Best of luck to you.

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