Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten: Weaknesses, Parts and Tips on Beating It

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The Bishaten has become something of a fan-favourite in Monster Hunter Rise. A cheeky, fruit-throwing creature, it also has an impressive array of attacks it can unleash using its tail. In this Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten guide, we’ll take a look at how to beat the Bishaten, what its weaknesses are and what parts you’ll get for hunting it.

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Monster Hunter Rise Bishaten Weaknesses

The main element of your attacks when tackling the Bishaten should be Ice, which deals much more damage than any other type. Fire is also an option.

Bishaten is an incredibly mobile monster, able to cling to walls and swing its tail to deal big damage up close. It'll also collect fruit in the environment to use as a weapon, with each having different effects. The purple fruit, for example, causes poison, while yellow fruit can paralyse.

Attack the tail first – it can't be severed, but you can cause Bishaten to fall over and drop its fruit, and then use it against it.


With an Ice-based weapon, you should be looking to cause Iceblight which would slow Bishaten down significantly.


It's also weak to Blast, so explosives are another solid choice when picking your gear.

The Bishaten' weaknesses shown in the Hunters Notes menu of Monster Hunter Rise


You can get a variety of parts from defeating the Bishaten. Here’s what you’ll get at low-level rank. We’ll update this page with high-rank rewards when we’ve spent more time with the game. 

  Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carve Dropped Materials
Bishaten Feather3336703335
Bishaten Fur2223205250
Bishaten Talon221830----
Jumbo Bone14----10--
Bishaten Horn9--805--
Bishaten Tailcase--23100--15
Beast Tear--------50

Tips For Slaying the Bishaten in MH Rise

The Bishaten is a tricky customer, but there are some things that make it easier prey:

  • Bishaten's tail can't be severed, but you can knock it off balance to cause it to drop fruits.
  • One of these fruits, Jumbofruit, offers powerful healing for a hunter.
  • If Bishaten puts fruit in its tail, it means it's about to hit hard with a ground slam attack. Be sure to have an antidote ready for its poisonous attack, or a wirebug dodge if it's a yellow fruit – that one is essentially a flash pod.
  • If you grab some of its more offensive-focused fruit, you can launch it back at Bishaten.
  • If you have an ice-based weapon, aim for the Bishaten's head for the most damage.

That’s all you need to know about taking down the Bishaten. For more help with the game, visit our guide on Weapon Sharpness. Elsewhere, there’s our look at how Kamura Tickets work.