Monster Hunter Rise Arzuros: Weaknesses, Parts and Tips on Beating It

The Arzuros is a monster longtime fans will remember, and it's back in Monster Hunter Rise. This badger/bear hybrid is encountered fairly early on, but can give you some trouble if you aren't prepared. In this Monster Hunter Rise Arzuros guide we’ll take a look at how to beat the Arzuros, what its weaknesses are and what parts you’ll get for hunting it.

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Monster Hunter Rise Arzuros Weaknesses

The Arzuros is primarily weak to fire, meaning picking a flame-based weapon is an easy way to make a hunt a little simpler for you.

Its forelegs are the best place to attack with such a weapon, but Ice weapons are handy to have if you need an alternative.

Interestingly, you can deal the same damage to the forelegs with a thunder-based weapon, but you'll see damage falloff elsewhere – making the flame or ice weapons the best choices overall.

Finally, we'd recommend carrying some honey with you. While it can be used to craft better healing items, the Arzuros can actually steal it from you. Doing so will leave it vulnerable as it starts to eat, allowing an opportunity for hunters to exploit.


The Arzuros is particularly susceptible to poison, paralysis, and sleep attacks, meaning support players can do well just to keep the Azuros poisoned, paralyzed or asleep.

It's also highly affected by Exhaust, so if you have any ranged Hunters, it makes a useful coating to deplete the Azuros' stamina.

The Hunters Notes screen in Monster Hunter Rise showing an Arzoros and its weaknesses
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You can get a variety of parts from defeating the Arzuros. Here’s what you’ll get at low-level rank. We’ll update this page with high-rank rewards when we’ve spent more time with the game. 

Target Rewards
Capture Rewards
Broken Part Rewards
Dropped Materials
Arzuros Pelt
Arzuros Brace
Jumbo Bone
Arzuros Shell
Beast Tear

Tips For Slaying the Arzuros in MH Rise

The Arzuros has some attacks that make it absolutely lethal:

  • The Arzuros can charge and tackle, and this is a hard move to dodge - keep a wirebug handy.
  • Speaking of wirebugs, the Azuros can be mounted with relative ease - making it a great monster to ride against others for a damage boost.
  • As we mentioned earlier, take Honey into a hunt for some easy distractions for the Arzuros.
  • The Arzuros has a hip-attack that's not well telegraphed. It doesn't do huge damage, but it's worth remembering if you're getting in close.
  • If Arzuros grabs you, wirebug-dodge away.

That’s all you need to know about taking down the Arzuros. For more help with the game, visit our guide on Weapon Sharpness. Elsewhere, there’s our look at how Kamura Tickets work.

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