Monster Hunter Rise Anjanath: Weaknesses, Parts and Tips on Beating It

The Anjanath is a classic monster, and it's back in Monster Hunter Rise. In Monster Hunter World, it was the first real difficulty spike, and players are still in for a tough battle in Rise. Unlike some monsters that stick to their own routines, the Anjanath can often attack unprovoked. Luckily, with the right preparation you can send it packing and get some great loot, too. In this Monster Hunter Rise Anjanath guide we’ll take a look at how to beat the Anjanath, what its weaknesses are and what parts you’ll get for hunting it.

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Monster Hunter Rise Anjanath Weaknesses

As you'd perhaps expect from a monster that can breathe fire, one of the Anjanth's weaknesses is Water. With that in mind, any water-based weapon will have a significant advantage against it.

Its small 'wings' and head are the best places to hit, and this will do significantly more damage with a water-based weapon. If you don't have one, you can also opt for Ice – it won't do as much damage, but it will do more than any other element.

In any case, avoid using a fire-based weapon, as it offers zero bonuses to attacks.

When it does start coughing up fireballs, be sure to target its throat – you'll do bonus damage when it's in the middle of a fire-breathing attack.


Anjanath isn't overly susceptible to any ailment, with a basic one-star rating for almost all. The exceptions, though, are Blast (which offers no bonuses to Hunters), and Waterblight, which has two-stars.

That further solidifies the need to use a water-based weapon, especially since there's no Iceblight bonus outside of the one-star.

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You can get a variety of parts from defeating the Anjanath. Here’s what you’ll get at low-level rank. We’ll update this page with high-rank rewards when we’ve spent more time with the game. 

Target Rewards
Capture Rewards
Broken Part Rewards
Dropped Materials
Anjanath Scale
Anjanath Pelt
Anjanath Nosebone
Flame Sac
Anjanath Tail

Best Armour and Weapons to Use

The best armour and weapons to use against the Anjanath at this point in the game are as follows:

  • Weapons - Ludroth Tree, Almudron Tree, Mizutsune
  • Armour - Spio Vertex S, Izuchi, Death Stench, Rathian, Rathalos

Tips For Slaying the Anjanath in MH Rise

The Anjanath can surprise newer players, but it's a little easier with a basic strategy:

  • The Anjanath has tow modes: normal and enraged. The latter will be obvious because it'll flare its nostrils and glow red in its throat.
  • The flame breath is easily dodged, but you'll need to spot the winding-up animation to avoid it successfully.
  • The Anjanath can jump short distances, meaning it can often surprise hunters. Be sure to keep one Wirebug charge handy to move either left or right.
  • Severing the tail can take some time, but it'll nullify the Anjanath's tail swing attack.
  • Try to stay to the side or underbelly of the Anjanath. If you stay too close to its head, it'll grab you and deal massive damage.
  • The Anjanath can be mounted, which gives you a great chance at hitting its head. If you're an Insect Glaive wielder, be sure to hop on it when possible.

That’s all you need to know about taking down the Anjanath. For more help with the game, visit our guide on Weapon Sharpness. Elsewhere, there’s our look at how Kamura Tickets work.

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