Monster Hunter Rise Almudron: Weaknesses, Parts and Tips on Beating It

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The Almudron is a new monster in Monster Hunter Rise, and it's quite the tricky customer. Almudron can use mud to attack, both in order to hide itself and burst out to surprise enemies, and to send waves of mud crashing down on foes. Like all monsters, however, it does have its weaknesses and ailments. In this Monster Hunter Rise Almudron guide we’ll take a look at how to beat the Almudron, what its weaknesses are and what parts you’ll get for hunting it.

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Monster Hunter Rise Almudron Weaknesses

The key thing to remember when dealing with Almudron is that it's weak to Fire. With that in mind, you'll want to find a weapon with a fire-type damage output – especially because the only status effect that it's particularly weak to is Fireblight.

Our recommendation is to hit the tail to chip away at the mud on it, making it easier to avoid attacks from the monster's rear, but we'd also suggest targeting your attacks to its front legs, too – another area where it's particularly weak.

If you don't have the means to craft a fire-based weapon, Ice-type gear is a strong alternative. It won't do as much damage, but it will do more than other elemental based attacks.


Almudron's weaknesses to all status effects are rated 1-star, meaning you're unlikely to do much with poison, sleep, stun, or paralysis.


It's also got zero weakness to Blast, and really, Fireblight is the only one it's particularly susceptible to. This will deal damage over time.


A screenshot of the Almudron in the Hunters Notes section of Monster Hunter Rise showing its weaknesses


You can get a variety of parts from defeating the Almudron. Here’s what you’ll get at low-level rank. We’ll update this page with high-rank rewards when we’ve spent more time with the game. 

  Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carve Dropped Materials
Almudron Shell2723302728
Golden Muck221380--30
Almudron Scale1618703837
Almudron Fin15----22--
Almudron Whisker10----12--
Almudron Tail81280----
Almudron Plate23331
Almudron Claw--3190--10
Wyvern Tear--------50

Tips For Slaying the Almudron in MH Rise

The Almudron can be a tough fight. Here are some essential tips for taking it down.

  • Stay mobile – the Almudron is capable of launching itself airborne and firing mud balls down, as well as slamming down itself.
  • On the same note, beware of its mud-flinging attacks.
  • Use harder mud to close the distance to the monster and attack at close-range.
  • Keep an eye out for its tail attack animation – it's easy to spot, but can do huge damage if you aren't careful.
  • As always, getting another monster to engage the Almudron can ensure a chunk of your work is done for you.
  • As we mentioned earlier, chip away at the mud on its tail to ensure it has less to hit you with.
  • Make sure you use a Fire or Ice-type weapon.

That’s all you need to know about taking down the Almudron. For more help with the game, visit our guide on Weapon Sharpness. Elsewhere, there’s our look at how Kamura Tickets work.