Modern Warfare: Shipment Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

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Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is in full swing. The largest free content drop in franchise history is set to bring brand new maps, returning classics, numerous cosmetic items and brand-new challenges for players to get stuck in to.

One of the returning maps is Shipment from Call of Duty 4. Synonymous for its close-quarters, action-packed gameplay, the map is set to return as a 2v2 Gunfight map and a 6v6 multiplayer map.

In this article, we will refamiliarise you with the classic map along with some handy tips and tricks that will have you scoring high-kill games in no time at all.


The Map

The latest iteration of Shipment has yet to be released. If the layout remains unchanged, the map is extremely compact and littered with shipping containers to be used either as a cover or to hide in.

The small nature of the map lends itself to high-power weaponry in close quarters, making it ideal for sub-machine gunners and shotgunners to thrive.

Objective Locations

The best way to establish any form of control is to maintain a two-flag hold on the map, forcing the enemy to spawn in the proximity of their remaining flag. By locking down the two possible escape routes from either A or C, with the right weapon equipped, it is very easy to score some very high killstreaks in this particular mode.


Hot Spots

The Entire map!

Because the map is so small, you are propelled right into the action as soon as you spawn into the game. It’s so easy to score kills on Shipment and you can do it in a variety of ways including throwing grenades straight over the top of the middle containers to the opposite corner of the map to take down anyone respawning or place a claymore in some of the containers for a nasty surprise for anyone who decides to set up camp in there!

How To Play

Run & Gun

Use mobility and speed tom your advantage to navigate the map and take down as many opponents as physically possible before someone eventually takes you down.

It is a good way to catch any passive players off guard as your superior movement speed will leave the slower players no chance to react to your quickness.


For the slower players, there are many sneaky places to hide on Shipment. Hide in some of the dimly lit shipment containers, picking off any intruders that attempt to steal your spot or be brave and stay out in the open and use some of the many head glitches that are on the map.


All Out Aggression

This style of play is perfect for this map. Equip a quick-firing Assault Rifle and patrol one area of the map.

Controlling one area of the map gives you access to many lines of sight that are often populated with enemies, some of which may attempt to push you so good positioning and weapon accuracy is key.

Gunfight Tips

As this map is set to be added into the Gunfight map pool, we thought we would give you some handy tips that will give you the advantage when the map is eventually released.

Use Cover

Cover can be your best friend on Shipment. Use the shipping containers as cover along with many of the large dustbins that are located in the more open areas of the map.

Mount and Lean

There will be many chances to utilise the new leaning and mounting mechanics on this map. Lean around the edge of a shipping container to take down an unsuspecting enemy or mount up to reduce recoil levels of some of the more powerful weapons in the game.


Be Aware of the Objective

It is likely that the objective flag for Gungifht will be located in the centre of the map, where there are four ways to access it. Be aware of your location and how far away you are from the flag. Thanks to its quick capture time, it is easy to get caught off-guard as your opponent sneaks onto the flag without your knowledge.

Here are some of the weapons that we would recommend using on Shipment (Click the links for full class guides)

E.O.D is likely to be essential for any form of success on Shipment due to the sheer number of explosives that will be thrown around the map. Quick Fix could also be a great addition to your class thanks to its ability to regenerate your health faster when securing an objective or scoring a kill.

If you find yourself falling victim to the dreaded Shipment spawn trap, equip smoke grenades to provide some temporary cover as you attempt to break free from the clutches of the enemy.

In terms of killstreaks, you can really go to town. The small nature of the map will enable you to score a lot of kills very quickly so the likes of the Gunship or the Chopper Gunner will prove to be lethal on the battlefield.


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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95