Modern Warfare Season 3: Tips And Tricks For Beginners And Experts

With Season 3 of Modern Warfare underway, you'll want to know the best tips and tricks to elevate your game.

The game has incredible depth in terms of customisation and the mechanics available, so you'll need to familiarise yourself with all that it has to offer.

Otherwise, you'll find yourself dying a lot more than you planned to. Here are some tips and tricks to get started.

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In this article, I've seperated the tips into the following sections:

1) Sprinting & Knowing When To Do It2) Create Classes For Different Playstyles3) Controller Settings4) Develop Weapon Knowledge5) Adjusting Your Killstreaks6) Dealing With Enemy UAVs7) Utilise Cover & The Environment8) Adjust Your Audio

Sprinting & Knowing When To Do It

In Call of Duty, a simple rule of thumb is not to run around corners. This is because you can't be sure what is around the corner, so you need to be ready for anything. It's also due to the fact there is a period of vulnerability between the sprint animation and being able to shoot your gun; meaning you're at the mercy of your opponent.

The audio is also very loud when you're running, so everyone will be able to hear you - slow it down so you won't get caught out and keep yourself undetected.

Create Classes For Different Playstyles

Every match you play will be different and you want to be prepared for all situations, meaning you'll need a unique class for each circumstance. I recommend making these classes:

Rifle Class - Your go to power class that gets you your streaks. A nice versatile weapon that you want to put time into.

Rushing Class - A fast pace SMG class for getting up close and personal, great for round opening routes and for staying undetected by enemy UAVs.

Sniper Class - For big maps with long lines of site and open space to pick off enemies at a distance, useful for locking down areas of the map and picking up stay players to build towards streaks.

CQB Class - A destructive shotgun class for maps that are extremely small with tight corridors and corners to help you blow through the opposition and keep you ready.

Killstreak Class - This class is made to keep you safe from killstreaks and take them down if your team isn't quite performing.

Controller Settings

Get the right settings for you to help get the best out of your game, that means setting yourself up with the right button layout and sensitivity.

If you play a slower game and opt to use weapons such as rifles and LMGs, I recommend lowering your sensitivity; this is to improve your accuracy. If you're a fast and furious player, who likes to get close and personal with the enemy, I recommend increasing your sensitivity; this is to speed up how quickly you can turn and snap onto multiple players quickly. More than likely I will turn my horizontal stick sensitivity up so I can turn a bit quicker without compromising too much accuracy.

I also recommend switching your layout to tactical so you can dropshot by clicking the right thumbstick in. This is even more useful in Modern Warfare as there are far fewer melee opportunities than past Call of Duty games.

With aim-assist, I recommend using standard.


Develop Weapon Knowledge

I would advise testing different guns at every opportunity to figure out what each gun is like and what you're most comfortable with. There are always some guns that perform better than others. In my opinion, these are the best guns in each class (as it stands):

  • MP5 (SMG)
  • Model 680 (SHOTGUN)
  • M91 (LMG)
  • AX-50 (SNIPER)

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Adjusting Your Killstreaks

If you’re struggling to get going and rarely pulling together a killstreak, a really simple thing to do is lower your killstreaks to help yourself and your team. Here are two killstreak setups I recommend:

If you're struggling:

  • Personal Radar
  • UAV
  • Cruise Missile

If you're playing well:

  • UAV
  • Cruise Missile
  • Chopper Gunner

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Dealing With Enemy UAVs

If you're not running Ghost, which is highly recommended if you can, stick to buildings when the enemy has a UAV. If you're in a building there are fewer directions for the enemy to attack you from and will better your chances of staying alive by funneling the traffic the way that YOU want it to.

Its also good to group up with your team as you're less likely to be isolated and killed, there is power in numbers and also more targets for the enemy to aim at!


Utilise Cover & The Environment

Cover in this game is everywhere, so it makes it quite easy to make your way around the map without exposing yourself too much. If you can take gunfights behind cover, you instantly create an advantage for yourself by revealing less of your body.

Furthermore, you can now 'mount' cover allowing you to add more stability to your shot and peer around corners without exposing yourself fully. You can do this by holding LT at a wall and pressing 'O' (on PS4), you can also change it to double-tapping LT, which I would recommend.

You can also do plenty with the doors. Apart from opening and closing them normally, you can run straight through them to catch opponents off guard. It's also a great way to disrupt enemies from attacking you!

Adjust Your Audio

Audio is SO important in Modern Warfare and has probably been neglected as a valuable asset in the past.

I would suggest turning your audio settings to Boost low, as well as turning your music volume to 0 and effects volume to 80. This will eliminate the music sounds that you hear during the match, as well as the announcer and character voices - meaning you can hear footsteps and enemies much better. By switching to boost low, you will be able to hear footsteps much clearer.

Furthermore, I switch my hitmarker sound off to focus more on my shot and decrease the audio interfering with footsteps (however this is entirely up to preference).

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