Modern Warfare Season 2: Leaks, Rumours And News

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Season 2 for Modern Warfare has arrived!

Despite no official announcement we've had a flurry of leaks and rumours over the weekend to accompany the most recent Ghost teaser.


Season 2's content appears to be a serious MW2 nostalgia trip and although the content looks incomplete, it could be that Infinity Ward is setting up for a Battle Royale.

Here are the latest leaks and rumours from Modern Warfare's Season 2.

Be sure to check out our live countdown for more news about Season 2!

New Trailer Leak

Overnight, a new leak has emerged for Season 2!

Ahead of the start of Season 2 the trailer has leaked via Xbox profile capture, noted by CODTracker.

Two New Weapons Confirmed

Season 2 will introduce two new guns into multiplayer - the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle and Strike 45 SMG.


The GRAU 5.56 is described as "lightweight, manoeuvrable and full of potential," while the Striker 45 is a "hard-hitting and long-range SMG."

striker 45 grau 5.56

We've already been poised to expect new firepower after Season 1 introduced us to the RAM-7 and Holger-26.

The Striker 45 appears to be the weapon that was found in the game's files pre-launch (APC-45) - resembling MW2's UMP.

striker 45 pre launch

Both weapons will be free for everyone - but you may need to reach a specific level of the Battle Pass to unlock them.



Season 2 Battle Pass Details

The Call of Duty website also shed light on what we can expect in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

There will be 100 Tiers of content, some of which will be free, but the rest requires players to purchase the Pass for 1,000 CoD Points.

You'll be able to purchase 20 Tier skips for 2,400 CoD points, too.

As for Ghost? Well, he'll be "available instantly by purchasing the Battle Pass."

As mentioned earlier, we're going to see a slew of Battle Pass content.

The question remains around a Battle Royale mode and if it was introduced what would happen to the state of the Battle Pass? It could be that this mode will also contribute to the Battle Pass, or there could be the possibility of two. For now, it's unclear what the approach would be.


If you managed to grind your way through the battle pass for Season 1, you should have earnt enough points to buy the Season 2 pass for free.

This brings up a good reminder that the battle pass should provide enough COD points to then buy the Season 3 pass - unless Infinity Ward changes the structure.

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modern warfare season 2 battle pass

New Maps Confirmed - Rust is Back!

Yep, the iconic MW2 map 'Rust' will be added to Modern Warfare multiplayer in Season 2 - according to CharlieIntel.

The outlet claims the AR Card they were given back in July for the MW reveal had updated to reveal Rust. 


It's also worth pointing out that during the Ghost teaser that we saw a glimpse of Rust was seen.

The Season 2 Story So far

Activision have officially said that they "intend to build great content for the long haul” for Modern Warfare and that “great new content coming with Season 2.”

They also said that there is more surprise to come - potentially hinting at the highly rumoured Battle Royale mode


News surrounding despite recently releasing a playlist update and double XP events to help you with your battle pass.

We're covering the latest on our Season 2 Countdown.


When Will Season 2 Be Announced?

On Tuesday, when fans were expecting an official announcement for Season 2, were disappointed as they were met with a teaser that confirmed Modern Warfare 2 legend Ghost returning as an Operator.

In the past season, an official announcement dropped one week before the launch of Season 1.

For now, it's unclear when an announcement will arrive - the start date draws nearer and we've yet to get an official announcement.

So far, no other teasers have been revealed and no other mentions about Season 2 have been made.

Season 2 should start immediately after the previous one ends - you can stay up to date with the latest info on our blog. our Countdown blog here.

When Does Season 2 Start?

Season 2 will start on the 11th February, which was not the original release date, as the end date of Season 1 was extended.


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What Can We Learn From Season 1?

Season 1 brought us the following:

  • Two new weapons
  • Three new game modes
  • Three new maps (one Ground War and two regular maps)
  • Three new Gunfight maps
  • Five new Spec Ops missions
  • New cosmetics
  • A new Battle Pass

It's very likely we'll see a similar amount of content.



Battle Royale Coming In Season 2?

A 50GB update was added to the PC version of Modern Warfare suggesting that the Battle Royale could be arriving soon.

This is further supported by the fact that it was rumoured to arrive at the end of January and the fact that the Battle Royale got a new loading screen.

However, this could potentially be for a Ranked play mode.

With the launch of the Call of Duty League, it's probably time for Infinity Ward to release a ranked mode to encourage viewership of the league.

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Rumoured New Weapons

The ACR and the M16 were rumoured to return pre-launch of the game.


No sign of them have been spotted in the game, but Season 2 could be time for them to arrive.