Modern Warfare Battle Royale: All of the recent information you need to hear!

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Modern Warfare recently dropped Season 2 and as we wonder what's next, leaks are surfacing about the Battle Royale mode.

We've already spoken about why a Modern Warfare Battle Royale NEEDS to happen and it seems like our suspicions could be correct as Season 2 offered up an in-game cinematic of a possible Battle Royale mode,as well as adding a greyed out tab in the main menu labeled 'Classified'.


As well as a screenshot leak of the key art.

Here are the latest details.


Footage Leak!

A new bit of gameplay footage for the battle royale game mode has been leaked and it looks amazing!

The video shows off the equipment, weapons, game audio, and the training ground named the 'Armistice Training Facility' for the upcoming battle royale mode - Warzone. 


Season 2 Main Menu

The menu received an update in MW, there has been a greyed out tab named 'Classified' added. Could this be the game mode we're hoping for?

Key Art & Battle Royale Name Leak

A keen-eyed Redditor found an interesting picture, which was later Tweeted by a few gaming personalities, of the possible artwork for the game mode, as well as it's name: Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Although we can't confirm the authenticity of the screenshot, the fact Activision flagged it, had it removed, as well as the removal of a slew of Tweets sharing the picture, it seems likely that it could be what we think it is.

New Loading Screen

A new loading screen has been added to the Battle Royale mode, provided by notorious Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution.


The map has been called Donestk and this new image file has been given the name 'Loading_MP_Donetsk_BG'.

Photo via TheGamingRevolution

Previously, the loading screen looked like this:

Photo via TheGamingRevolution

Although suspicion is being raised about whether this is actually true or not, TheGamingRevolution has a proven track record for this type of information.

Plenty of fans are speculating that this is actually a new Ground War map that will arrive for Season 2.

What Do We Know About The Modern Warfare Battle Royale?

The Modern Warfare Battle Royale was rumoured to be released at the end of January, which obviously didn't happen.


Season 2 was then delayed for an unknown reason.

When you consider these facts, as well as the fact that the latest S2 update is almost 100GB on PC, it definitely appears as if Modern Warfare is preparing for the launch of the Battle Royale mode.

It's likely that they delayed the start of Season 2 to incorporate the Battle Royale mode AND apply the finishing touches.

You can read everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare Battle Royale here.

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Modern Warfare Season 2

Modern Warfare's second season arrived on 11th February 2020.


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91