Modern Warfare Season 2 COUNTDOWN LIVE: Trailer, Teasers Announcement, Leaks, Rumours, Battle Pass, Start Time And More

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Modern Warfare Season 2 is LIVE - and it's looking a lot like Modern Warfare 2 Remastered!

The first thing you'll notice when getting to the main menu, is a greyed out game mode labeled 'Classified' could this be the Battle Royale we're all waiting for?


Call of Duty's latest seasonal update features brand new weapons, maps, Operators and modes!

Although we're still waiting for news about a Battle Royale, it may be a matter of time before the official story breaks as Activision has teased that more "surprises" are on the way.

Bookmark this page and check back regularly for the latest updates around Season 2!

Patch Notes - 20:00 GMT

You can find the official patch notes here.

Possible Battle Royale? - 19:30 GMT

When you finally get through the gargantuan update, you'll notice there is a greyed out game mode labeled 'Classified' on the main menu.


Could this be the Battle Royale we're all waiting for? First spotted by @PrestigeIsKey

It's LIVE - 18:00 GMT

The update is live, you may want to clear some space because the update is roughly 94 GB on PC, 51 GB on PS4, and 68 GB on Xbox One.

Battle Royale - 17:00 GMT

So what's happening with a Battle Royale? Is it still coming in Season 2?

Here's what we know so far.

1 Hour 30 Minutes Left - 16:30 GMT

Just 90 minutes remain of Season 1 and we'll be into Season 2.


Here's what you need to know.

How Modern Warfare Will Look During Season 2 - 16:00 GMT

Hilarious MW2 meme from u/Caipirots.

Khandor Hideout Preview - 15:45 GMT

What is Khandor Hideout? What can we expect?

Here's what we know.


How Do You Unlock The New Weapons? - 15:30 GMT

If you're unsure how to get the new weapons in Season 2, you can find out here.

GRAU 5.56 Guide - 15:15 GMT

The GRAU 5.56 reminds us a lot of the SWAT in previous Black Ops games!

Here's our early guide for this new weapon.

Striker 45 Guide - 15:00 GMT

It's early doors, but we've already drawn up a guide to using the Striker 45.


The Striker 45 is based off of the UMP from MW2 (to keep on theme with the reason of the new season).

Here's our guide.

striker 45 battle pass

Rank Up FAST! - 14:30 GMT

If you want to get those new weapons, you're going to need to rank up fast.

Check out our guide to ranking up your battle pass as fast as possible!


What Trials, Missions And Challenges Are There? - 14:00 GMT

What challenges will feature in Modern Warfare Season 2?

You can see them here.

modern warfare season 2 trials

Price, No Not The Captain - 13:30 GMT

Not sure how much the new Battle Pass will cost?

We've got you covered - you can find out what's included, what's free and how much you'll to fork out here.


Boneyard Map Guide - 13:00 GMT

Boneyard, although not previously a multiplayer map, is another resurrected MW2 classic returning in the nostalgic Season 2.

Here's our map guide, tips and tricks for this new Ground War map.

Rust Map Guide - 12:20 GMT

Rust returns in Season 2, the fan-favourite MW2 map will be resurrected after a 10-year absence.

Get ahead of the competition and check out our map guide, tips and tricks here.

modern warfare rust season 2

Blog Post From Activision - 20:00 GMT

Activision have finally lifted the lid on the next season of content, all be it a bit late, there's a lot of content that the trailer did not reveal that you can read here.

What About Spec Ops? - 17:20 GMT

Based off of past seasons, it looks likely - but nothing was revealed in the leaked trailer.

Here's the latest.

Will The Campaign Get New Content - 16:45 GMT

Did you play the gritty campaign for Modern Warfare?


It received amazing reviews, all be it a bit short, so it would make sense to extend it further right?

Well, you may be disappointed.

New Game Modes? - 16:30 GMT

So with all these new maps, will we get any new game modes too?

Modern Warfare has been great at adding new modes when they could have arguably saved them for Season 2.

Most recently we've had Deathmatch Domination and Capture The Flag.

Two new game modes have been rumoured to appear in Season 2 - here's what they are.


Season 2 Road Map - 16:00 GMT

What an exciting day of content it has been!

Now we've seen all the juicy bits, we can start to build a road map of when content will arrive!

Check out the Season 2 road map here.

Reddit Aren't Happy... - 15:30 GMT

Reddit's a tough crowd to please and they've not reacted well to the latest Season 2 trailer.

Boneyard RETURNS! - 15:15 GMT

That's right, the MW2 classic is coming to multiplayer as a new Ground War map!


It will also include the legendary map Scrapyard (which we can only hope makes a return as a 6v6 multiplayer map).

Check out our map guide preview here.

modern warfare season 2 boneyard

Captain Price Operator Coming? 14:45 GMT

Could a Captain Price Operator be arriving with Season 2? Or perhaps at a later date/later season?

Maybe Ghost revealed more than he should in the Season 2's the latest theory.

What Is Atlas Superstore? - 13:15 GMT

This unique multiplayer map is one of the few non-remastered DLC maps coming to Modern Warfare's Season 2.


It's a traditional 6v6 map set in a giant warehouse - lanes appear to be set up and divided by stacking shelves.

If players were fed up of campers prior to this map, they'll be in for a treat when they drop in on this one!

You can check out our preview guide here.

atlas superstore modern warfare season 2

The Best Class For Season 2! - 12:45 GMT

You've all got a day to get ready for Season 2, so make sure you jump on the stick and practice!

If you're looking for the best class setup, try out some of these:


What Is Bazaar? - 12:10 GMT

One of the brand new maps arriving in Season 2 is Bazaar!

This 2v2 Gunfight is set in Urzikstan, where most of the game's campaign is set.

It features a narrow and condensed battlefield for intense fights - there are building along the side offering flanks but it appears to be limited.

You can check out our preview guide here.

modern warfare sesaon 2 bazaar guide

Battle Pass Details - 11:15 GMT

Although the new trailer did not reveal much about the Battle Pass, we did get to see Ghost, the GRAU 5.56 and Striker 45 in action!

These are all new items that we know are coming with the Battle Pass - you can read more about it here.

FOUR New Maps - 11:00 GMT

It's been confirmed that FOUR new maps will arrive in Modern Warfare Season 2 - with potential for a 5th!

As we said before, it's a real trip down MW2 memory lane!

Be sure to read up on them here.


Full Season 2 Trailer Leaked - 10th February 9:40 GMT

The full trailer for Modern Warfare Season 2 has leaked and it's a real trip down memory lane as there is a real Modern Warfare 2 vibe.

You can read all about it here.

Infinity Ward Director Answers Questions About Ranked Play - 9th February 17:15 GMT

A Reddit user seized the opportunity to grill the Infinity Ward Art Director about ranked play but got an answer he probably wasn't happy with.

You can read about it here.

COD Website Leaks Season 2 Details- 8th February 19:00 GMT

Last night the COD website leaked the latest details for Season 2 including two new weapons, a remastered map and battle pass details.


You can read it all here.

CDL London - 16:00 GMT

We'll be covering CDL London this weekend right here!

Battle Royale Fan Trailer - 15:00 GMT

A fan has made a Battle Royale trailer...

Is Today The Day? - 7th February 10:00 GMT

Is today the day we finally get an announcement about Season 2?


Give the most recent Q4 investor call and the latest COD 2020 news (which included a mention about Season 2), we're expecting it to be likely.

You can read the latest here.

The Latest Season 2 Details - 15:00 GMT

We're still unsure of when the official announcement and reveal for Season 2 will arrive.

6pm is the standard time to launch an announcement for COD, but with only one teaser on Tuesday and nothing since, it is anyone's guess.

Hopefully, something will appear tonight. Friday is looking likely. It could be they're holding off to announce during CDL London to encourage viewership.

In any case, we'll keep you updated here.


Operators In Season 2 - 14:00 GMT

It was confirmed recently that Ghost will be an Operator in the multiplayer, but who else should we get?

Captain Price, Makarov and Soap all make for good choices!

Season 2 Trailer Video - 13:00 GMT

We'll be uploading the trailer for Season 2 to this page!

We're also rounding up any and all teasers as we get closer to launch.

Will Today Be Announcement Day? - 6th February 11:30 GMT

After Infinity Ward going Radio Silent yesterday, we're hoping today might be the day something arrives.


It does bring in the fear that Season 2 may be delayed AGAIN.

But hey, double XP is now live until the 11th of February!

The ⏰ is ticking. Time to double down.Take advantage of 2x Tiers to complete your Battle Pass before time runs out on 2/11.
— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty)
February 5, 2020

Battle Royale - 16:45 GMT

If you've not heard the latest news and rumours about the Modern Warfare Battle Royale, you can check them out here.


Pimp My Ride Modern Warfare Style - 14:30 GMT

When you get bored waiting for the Season 2 Announcement (Image via u/CLouie95)

The Latest Season 2 News - 13:30 GMT

If you're after the latest Season 2 news be sure to check out our everything you need to know article here.

Another Teaser On The Way? - 5th February 12:30 GMT

As we didn't get a full S2 reveal yesterday and only a teaser, we can expect to see either another teaser or the full reveal tonight at 6pm GMT.


Map Veto - 21:00 GMT

Reddit user u/MRMD123456 has requested not only map vetoes but the ability to inspect a weapon.

Why this wasn't added at launch is a mystery.

Playlist Update - 20:15 GMT

A new playlist update has gone live to help you complete your Battle Pass in preparation for Season 2.

Rust Confirmed In Latest Teaser- 20:00 GMT

According to Charlie Intel, Rust has been teased in the Ghost teaser.


Underwhelming - 19:00 GMT

Apparently we're going with a series of teasers for Season 2? I guess it is what it is.


— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty)
February 4, 2020

What Weapons Will Be In Season 2? - 17:30 GMT

There are not as many leaks for the weapons to arrive, but the Ballistic Knife and APC-45 are touted to debut - you can read about it here.


One Hour To Go! - 17:00 GMT

The announcement is almost here!

What Maps Will We Get? - 16:30 GMT

It's not long before we find out what S2 has in store - here are the maps that could make their way into the next Season.

How To Make Modern Warfare Interesting Again - 16:00 GMT

Will Ranked Play Coming In Season 2? - 15:30 GMT

Suggestions have been floating about regarding Ranked mode in Season 2.


It was rumoured to arrive in January, before the launch of the Call of Duty League.

Here's what we know about Ranked.

3 Hours To Go! - 15:00 GMT

We're 3 hours from the announcement of Modern Warfare Season 2!

The Worst Map Shouts In History - 14:30 GMT

Reddit user u/I_HAV2_POOP has to have the worst shouts for returning Modern Warfare maps...his choices are:

  • Hijacked
  • Derailed
  • Skidrow
  • Wasteland
modern warfare season 2 derailed

"All I Want In Season 2 Is..." - 14:00 GMT

One Reddit user (u/TheCanisDIrus) has requested that newly added game modes aren't rotated out or removed outright.

The community seems to echo these thoughts.

Season 1 Challenges Won't Carry Over - 13:30 GMT

Just a friendly reminder that challenges will not carry over into Season 2.


Finish your Season 1 challenges ASAP!

Modern Warfare Season 2 Road Map - 13:00 GMT

Reddit user u/vol4lyfe123 has suggested that Infinity Ward should include a road map to detail what is coming to Modern Warfare Season 2 and when!

It would certainly make reporting easier...

PSA Battle Pass - 12.30 GMT

Just a friendly PSA to make sure you grind out the remaining tiers on your Battle Pass!


In the latest Community Update, Modern Warfare will released an abundance of double XP events with Shoot House and Shipment 24/7

The Barrett .50cal Returns? - 12:00 GMT

One user on Reddit has requested for this iconic sniper to return!

It's sparked a debate about nostalgia and whether bringing back old maps and guns are a good thing - something that was a hot topic at the launch of Season 1.

u/Unusual_Insults has also suggested bringing back the ACR or UMP-45.

This prompted u/Bladeyy212 to mention the Scar H and Tar-21.

barrett 50 cal modern warfare season 2

Preparing For A New Season - 11:30 GMT

Preparing for Season 2 like... (Image via u/_baseball)

modern warfare season 2 gameplay

Season 2 Wishlist - 11:15 GMT

Everyone has their opinion on what they would like to see added in Season 2 - here's our wishlist.

What Can We Expect In Season 2? - February 4th 11:00 GMT

There's so much to look forward to in Season 2 - we could be looking at the following new content:

  • Weapons
  • Maps
  • Operators
  • Game Modes
  • Battle Royale

You can read all about it here.