Modern Warfare: Atrium Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

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The vast majority of Modern Warfare players have agreed that the new Gunfight mode in the game is currently its best feature.

As part of the first season of post-launch content, Atrium is one of two new maps that have been specifically designed for the two-versus-two game mode.

In this guide, find out everything from the location of the overtime flag, how to play the new map and some handy tips and tricks that will have you racking up victories in no time.



The map itself is a small square with a thin layer of cover in the form of a broken wall surrounding the outside of the map. There are plenty of gaps, making it easy to take down an opponent without moving far from the original spawning positions.

Towards the middle of the map, there is a “Z” shaped box, providing minimal cover. Despite the lack of cover, it is a great place to catch any enemies that attempt to move through the outer alleys of the map.

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Objective Location

The overtime objective flag can be found in the middle of the eastern alleyway. Thanks to two sizable gaps in the wall and the wide alleys, the flag is very exposed, making it difficult to capture undetected.


It may be useful to hang on to any tactical equipment to detect your opponent before you even consider diving on the flag to grab the round win.


How To Play

Slow & Safe – At the beginning of the round, stand still to conceal your position until your equipment becomes available to use. Use it wisely to distract, divert and ultimately take down your enemies to secure the win.

Hard & Fast – Fully utilise the tactical sprint and move to either alleyway to attempt to get an early kill onto the opposition. Be aware of how far you peek the corner as a wide peek can lead to your teammate left in a tricky situation.


Middle Aggression – Sprint straight towards the middle of the map and wait patiently for a passive opponent to move past you to almost guarantee an easy kill.


Slow-Mid – Establishing some form of map control is key on this map. Fully utilise the cover located in the middle of the map to halt the enemy push.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95