Call of Duty League Los Angeles Event: Live Updates, Schedule, Stream, Location, Fixtures And More

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The dust has settled on CDL Atlanta and it was the home team Atlanta FaZe who became the first team in Call of Duty League history to secure victory at their home event after defeating the Florida Mutineers in the finals.

Next up is the first joint home series of the season, with OpTic Gaming Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Guerrillas hosting CDL Los Angeles.


In this article, find absolutely everything you need to know about the event, including dates, location, teams in attendance, the event schedule, our predictions for the first-round matches and who we think will finish in the top four.


Monday, March 9th - 2.16AM GMT

And that's a wrap on our coverage of CDL LA! See you next time in Chicago! Time for a well-earned rest.

Monday, March 9th - 2.15AM GMT

Here are your final standings from the LA Home Series:1st: Dallas Empire - 50 Points - $50,0002nd: Minnesota RØKKR - 30 Points - $30,0003rd/4th: OpTic Gaming Los Angeles - 20 Points - $10,0003rd/4th: Atlanta FaZe - 20 Points - $10,0005th/6th: Seattle Surge - 10 Points5th/6th: Florida Mutineers - 10 Points7th/8th: Los Angeles Guerrillas - 0 Points7th/8th: New York Subliners - 0 Points

Monday, March 9th - 2.12AM GMT


Huke wins his first Call of Duty championship after so many attempts while the young guns of iLLeY and Shotzzy get their first too. A great final!

Monday, March 9th - 2.11AM GMT

GG! The Dallas Empire take the map 6-2 and the series 3-2 and WIN THE LA HOME SERIES! What a performance!

Monday, March 9th - 2.10AM GMT

Map and match point for Dallas! 

Monday, March 9th - 2.08AM GMT

Great trading from Minnesota sees them hang on. 4-2 to the Empire. Round seven is huge for both teams.


Monday, March 9th - 2.07AM GMT

Co-ordination is on point for Dallas. They take their fourth round while Minnesota try to find an answer to the pressure.

Monday, March 9th - 2.05AM GMT

Asim opens proceedings with the first kill. All of a sudden, Minnesota stop the bleeding and get their first round on the board.. 3-1 to Dallas.

Monday, March 9th - 2.04AM GMT

Despite the friendly fire, Huke levels the playing field before GodRx ends up in a 1v2. He's unable to clutch as Dallas go three rounds to the good. The Empire is halfway to the title.

Monday, March 9th - 2.02AM GMT


Well that was fast! Dallas score their second round with a nice retake of B.

Monday, March 9th - 2.00AM GMT

Huke scores the first two kills before a flurry of kills go down to leave Assault in a 1v3. He can't clutch and Dallas get the first round.

Monday, March 9th - 1.58AM GMT

Gun Runner will be the final map of the tournament. Who is walking away with the win?!?!?!!?

Monday, March 9th - 1.57AM GMT



Monday, March 9th - 1.54AM GMT

Let's take another look at that WILD finish to game four!

We have our first #Game5Alert in a CDL final!One. More. Map. |
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
March 9, 2020

Monday, March 9th - 1.53AM GMT -  Minnesota RØKKR 2-2 Dallas Empire

WHAT WAS THAT ENDING?!?!?!?!!? Minnesota take Hackney Yard Hardpoint 250-247 to force a fifth and final map! Are Minnesota about to do the unthinkable?


Monday, March 9th - 1.50AM GMT

Another solid hold of P2 for Dallas gives them a slight lead but Minnesota has already had success on the Smokestack hill.

Monday, March 9th - 1.48AM GMT

Minnesota lock in the rotation to the Dock Building but Dallas come flying in. The boys in purple get the scrap, but Dallas are already planning for the second hill again.

Monday, March 9th - 1.46AM GMT

Great control of the middle for Minnesota gives them a lead but Dallas are quick to respond with early control of the offices.

Monday, March 9th - 1.44AM GMT


Full commitment on the first hill for Minnesota gives them the early lead but it is Dallas fully in control of the tyre shop.

Monday, March 9th - 1.42AM GMT

Dis gon b goooooooood! Hackney Yard Hardpoint will be our fourth game in the final.

Monday, March 9th - 1.40AM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-2 Dallas Empire

WE ARE GOING TO A GAME FOUR! Minnesota manage to hold on by the skin of their teeth to force a second Hardpoint game of the finals. Is a fifth game decider on the cards?

Monday, March 9th - 1.38AM GMT

That's more like it for Minnesota! They finally get some sort of control and begin to close in on the Dallas lead.


Monday, March 9th - 1.35AM GMT

Halftime: Dallas 80-66 Minnesota. Is this the final five minutes of the LA Home Series? Or can Minnesota force a fourth game?

Monday, March 9th - 1.33AM GMT

A great response from the boys in purple but it is Dallas that are able to keep disrupting any kind of control.

Monday, March 9th - 1.32AM GMT

A few Minnesota players manage to slip through the cracks and regain some control.

Monday, March 9th - 1.30AM GMT


Early control goes in favour of the Empire and they immediately switch focus onto the C spawn trap.

Monday, March 9th - 1.28AM GMT

Is this the last hurrah for Minnesota or can they find a response to the Dallas Empire? Gun Runner Domination is next and we will find out...

Monday, March 9th - 1.24AM GMT

London Royal Ravens player Rated makes a great observation regarding grand finals this season:

Every grand final has been 3-0 this is so dead
— Rhys Price (@Rated_COD)
March 9, 2020

Monday, March 9th - 1.23AM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 0-2 Dallas Empire


Dallas secure St. Petrograd S&D 6-4 to take a 2-0 lead in the series! Is the Empire going to complete the sweep or does Minnesota have something left in the tank? A reverse sweep required if they are to be crowned champions.

Monday, March 9th - 1.20AM GMT

Empire secure their fifth round thanks to a veteran play from Clayster. Can Dallas advance to a 2-0 series lead?

Monday, March 9th - 1.18AM GMT

Need to get some of those tables and chairs! Alexx finds two in the middle of the map as Minnesota win their fourth round to tie things up yet again!

Monday, March 9th - 1.17AM GMT

Clayster proving to be a great lurker for Dallas as he shuts down any kind of Minnesota rotation. 4-3 in favour of the Empire.


Monday, March 9th - 1.15AM GMT

Just. Like. That. We are all square once again! Which player is going to shed some daylight between the two teams?

Monday, March 9th - 1.14AM GMT

The Empire keep it rolling, taking their third round leaving Minnesota to take a huge defensive round to level the game again.

Monday, March 9th - 1.13AM GMT

A scrappy round for both teams eventually sees Dallas tie things up at two rounds each.

Monday, March 9th - 1.11AM GMT


A very solid hold from Minnesota as they take round three. Such a close contest.

Monday, March 9th - 1.09AM GMT

All tied up as Minnesota quickly respond with a round of their own.

Monday, March 9th - 1.08AM GMT

Dallas draws first blood against Minnesota. 

Monday, March 9th - 1.06AM GMT

St. Petrograd plays host to game two. GodRx might be the key with the sniper.


Monday, March 9th - 1.04AM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 0-1 Dallas Empire

The Empire secure Rammaza Hardpoint 250-181 to take the lead in the final. With both teams very good in S&D, game two could well be decided by the narrowest of margins.

Monday, March 9th - 1.02AM GMT

Minnesota secure a few points but it is Dallas who are on the verge of taking the opening game.

Monday, March 9th - 1.00AM GMT

Back we go to the barber shop as the killfeed turns purple! Minnesota gain some control but Dallas break right back in to take their total past 200.

Monday, March 9th - 12.58AM GMT


The Empire manage to lock Minnesota into the back spawns to give them a 30-point lead after the first rotation of hills.

Monday, March 9th - 12.55AM GMT

The Empire opt for the early rotation to the barber shop and begin to secure a solid lead as we head to the construction site.

Monday, March 9th - 12.53AM GMT

Dallas begin the final with early control of the bridge but Minnesota has control of those important spawns for the second hill. They'll come roaring back unless Dallas can break through quickly.

Monday, March 9th - 12.52AM GMT

The players are on stage, the crowd are ready and we are ready! Rammaza Hardpoint will be game one in the first game of the LA Home Series final! Here we go...


Monday, March 9th - 12.45AM GMT

Let's get it going already! This series is primed to go all five games with both teams being very evenly matched on paper.

Monday, March 9th - 12.41AM GMT

This is the first final for three of the Minnesota players. The lack of experience may be an issue against the far more experienced team of the Dallas Empire. Regardless, we are in for a treat!

Monday, March 9th - 12.30AM GMT

Who takes this series? Tweet us your predictions!

Monday, March 9th - 12.24AM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR v Dallas Empire


It's time for the grand finals! Fresh of that win against Atlanta. can Minnesota topple the Empire who are looking for their first win of the season.

Monday, March 9th - 12.21AM GMT

Looks like Alexx's prophecy could be fulfilled:

GGs @SeattleSurge won 3-1. I’m winning this tournament.
— Røkkr Alexx • (@Alexx1935)
March 7, 2020

Monday, March 9th - 12.19AM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 3-2 Atlanta FaZe


GG!! Minnesota RØKKR secure payback from Atlanta and take the series 3-2. What a series! They move on to play the Dallas Empire in the LA Home Series grand finals! Silly gets the series MVP award.

Monday, March 9th - 12.16AM GMT 

Simp opens the round with a perfectly cooked grenade, halting any kind of push for Minnesota. Silly keeps his tally ticking over with a kill on aBeZy and Simp, allowing Minnesota to advance onto B. Priestahh nearly goes massive but Assault takes him down to secure map and match point!

Monday, March 9th - 12.15AM GMT 

GodRx gets the pick while Assault sends aBeZy packing, leaving ATL in a difficult situation. Silly eliminates Priestahh for a 4v2 advantage for Minnesota. Alexx takes down Cellium before being traded but GodRx seals the deal with the pistol for Minnesota's fourth round.4-2 Minnesota.

Monday, March 9th - 12.13AM GMT 

An agressive push to the middle busses for Atlanta doesn't yield any early kill as Minnesota sit back before making a move. Silly kicks off proceedings with a kill onto Priestahh and takes down aBeZy. Assault and Asim combine to clear the remaining FaZe players to secure a third round. 3-1 to Minnesota.


Monday, March 9th - 12.10AM GMT 

GodRx finds the opening pick for Minnesota but aBezy responds with a car bomb to level the playing field. Silly misses the bomb plant on A while the Atlanta ARs combine to close out the round. 2-2.

Monday, March 9th - 12.09AM GMT 

The early smoke grenades block off both snipers. Priestahh takes down Asim who goes for an early plant while Simp gets another snipe to create a 2v4 scenario. Cellium takes down Alexx and GodRx to get Atlanta's first round on the board. 2-1 MIN.

Monday, March 9th - 12.07AM GMT 

Simp misses any chance of securing an early pick. GodRx kicks off proceedings before Simps makes it a 4v4 before Asim trades the kill. A strong defensive hold of B from Asim sees him get a total of three in the round to take round number two.

Monday, March 9th - 12.05AM GMT 


Priestahh and Simp combine for the first two kills before Asim and GodRx answer straight back to force the 3v3. GodRx wins another with the pistol before the rest of Atlanta fall to draw first blood.

Monday, March 9th - 12.03AM GMT 

Piccadilly S&D will decide this epic series. Minnesota won it in Atlanta but Simp has excelled with the sniper all weekend. Who is going to get the win?

Monday, March 9th - 12.02AM GMT 

Happy Monday to everyone in the UK. No better way to start the week with a game five decider right?! 

Sunday, March 8th - 11.59PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 2-2 Atlanta FaZe

We are off to another game five between these two amazing teams. Minnesota secure Rammaza Hardpoint 250-247 to force a fifth and final map. Are the boys in purple going to avenge their loss from Atlanta or is the FaZe going to hold off the Ragnarok once again?!


Sunday, March 8th - 11.58PM GMT


Sunday, March 8th - 11.57PM GMT

OH MY CELLIUM! What an epic play to give the FaZe a chance at the win!

Sunday, March 8th - 11.56PM GMT

The rotation battle is on! It is going down to the wire!

Sunday, March 8th - 11.56PM GMT


Minnesota score the first wave of kills as they hold down the construction site with expert efficiency!

Sunday, March 8th - 11.55PM GMT

This is the first time this game that a team has managed to established a pretty big lead. As I say that, Atlanta lock down the barber shop and begin to close the lead down.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.53PM GMT

Here we go... the final rotation begins and it is still all to play for.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.52PM GMT

As the teams head to the construction site, it's Atlanta that hold a slight lead as Minnesota attempt to fly in.


Sunday, March 8th - 11.48PM GMT

Rammaza Hardpoint is next! This is going to be a battle of the ages. 

Sunday, March 8th - 11.44PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-2 Atlanta FaZe

We have a breakthrough! Atlanta FaZe wrap up Hackney Yard Domination to break the deadlock, taking a 2-1 lead. How are Minnesota going to respond in game four?

Sunday, March 8th - 11.43PM GMT

Atlanta are reacting so well to everything Minnesota throw at them. This looks all but over.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.40PM GMT


Atlanta come out the gates and get control of two flags quickly to grab the lead. 

Sunday, March 8th - 11.39PM GMT

Halftime on Hackney Yard: Minnesota 74-69 Atlanta. This could not be a closer game. It's going to take something very special if a team is to secure the win.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.37PM GMT

Minnesota are not out of this yet despite a very slow start from Assault. They may take the lead in the latter stages of the half.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.36PM GMT

Minnesota lock in the A-C split as Atlanta quickly re-take A as the batte for B begins.


Sunday, March 8th - 11.33PM GMT

For what feels like the millionth time this weekend, Hackney Yard Domination will be our third game! Which team is going to secure the series lead?

Sunday, March 8th - 11.27PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-1 Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta respond with a 6-4 win on Gun Runner S&D to level the series. A very close contest but some impressive strategy catching off Minnesota was ultimately the difference. Don't write off the boys in purple just yet.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.25PM GMT

What a way to secure map point! Atlanta get their fifth round but Minnesota can still force a deciding round 11.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.24PM GMT


All square once again! 4-4

Sunday, March 8th - 11.22PM GMT

4-3 to Atlanta... Can they extend their lead?

Sunday, March 8th - 11.20PM GMT

Atlanta win the 5v3 to level the game once again! Which of these teams is going to get the advantage?

Sunday, March 8th - 11.19PM GMT

Silly is having a phenomenal series, constantly being a nuisance around the map.


Sunday, March 8th - 11.18PM GMT

Nothing doing for Simp and his sniper as Minnesota take the lead. 3-2 to the RØKKR.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.17PM GMT

Now we see Simp switch to a sniper in an attempt to make a difference, what can he do?

Sunday, March 8th - 11.16PM GMT

2-2. Nothing is separating these two teams. Such a high level of play.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.14PM GMT


GodRx ALMOST scores the 1v2 clutch but Priestahh has other ideas. 2-1 to Atlanta.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.12PM GMT

The trades are there for Minnesota as they immediately answer back to level the game at one round each.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.11PM GMT

1-0 to the FaZe. Cellium scores an easy 1v1 to secure the opening round for Atlanta.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.09PM GMT

We move to Gun Runner S&D for the second game in the series. Atlanta won on this map last time out, what do they have in store for Minnesota this time?


Sunday, March 8th - 11.08PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-0 Atlanta FaZe

First blood to the RØKKR! They secure Azhir Cave Hardpoint 250-221 to take game one. Is Minnesota going to carry the momentum or are Atlanta going to bounce back to level the game? It's all to play for!

Sunday, March 8th - 11.06PM GMT

Atlanta has control of P2! Minnesota only need four points for the win...

Sunday, March 8th - 11.05PM GMT

The boys in purple resist the Atlanta push! Minnesota may just take this first map.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.03PM GMT


This is heading towards a nail-biting finish! 

Sunday, March 8th - 11.01PM GMT

Atlanta get the spawns for the first cave hill! Minnesota are still holding strong but must consider the rotation to stay in the game.

Sunday, March 8th - 11.00PM GMT

Still all to play for after the first rotation of hills! It could still go either way.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.59PM GMT

The AR battle begins! Minnesota hold strong as Atlanta move towards the next hill. The boys in purple manage to take the lead but the early rotation immediately pays off for the FaZe.


Sunday, March 8th - 10.57PM GMT

Minnesota opt for the early rotation but there's a FaZe player playing the sneaky beaver! The RØKKR need to flush him out.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.56PM GMT

He does just that! The FaZe players spawn close to the hill but Minnesota are still trying to flood through the cave.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.55PM GMT

Minnesota do a much better job at preventing any Atlanta players getting spawns but Simp sneaks past in an attempt to get spawns for the next hill.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.54PM GMT


We are back underway on Azhir Cave Hardpoint and we are going to have a FULL RESTART! 

Sunday, March 8th - 10.51PM GMT

How is this pause going to affect the teams? Atlanta were starting to build some momentum but Minnesota did manage to secure early control of the second hill when the pause came in. It's going to come down to which team can get back up to speed the quickest.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.49PM GMT

What a start from aBeZy! His early slaying secures spawns for the second hill. AND WE HAVE A PAUSE!

Sunday, March 8th - 10.48PM GMT

Here we GO! Azhir Cave will be our first game. This map is a paradise for the AR players so keep your eyes on them to make the impact around the map.


Sunday, March 8th - 10.46PM GMT

This next match has all the makings of a classic! I don't think I can call it!. If Alexx and GodRx are on top form, then Minnesota has a real chance at toppling the league leaders.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.41PM GMT

The Empire makes its second consecutive grand finals! Do they have what it takes to secure the W?

Another Grand Finals appearance. A huge performance from @Clayster in map 4 to secure the series win 3-1.
— Dallas Empire (@DallasEmpire)
March 8, 2020

Sunday, March 8th - 10.37PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR v Atlanta FaZe


Back in Atlanta, Minnesota went up two maps before the FaZe completed the reverse sweep. Can the RØKKR go one better this time and beat the best in the league?

Sunday, March 8th - 10.34PM GMT

UP NEXT: The Minnesota RØKKR take on the Atlanta FaZe for the second spot in the finals.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.32PM GMT - Dallas Empire 3-1 OpTic Gaming LA

GG! Dallas Empire hold off the OGLA attack on Rammaza Hardpoint to secure the series 3-1 over OpTic Gaming LA. The Empire advance to the finals while the Green Wall falls at the semi-final stage.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.30PM GMT

Ahhh this is so close!


Sunday, March 8th - 10.28PM GMT

OGLA take the lead!... for a split second until Dallas answer straight back and begin to pull away again.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.26PM GMT

The Green Wall manages to rotate early to get the initial time in the ruins as they look to hold off the Dallas charge.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.24PM GMT

OGLA rotate early but Shotzzy manages to sneak round the back of the barber shop to cause a bit of chaos! Dallas break the hill and continue to extend the lead.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.22PM GMT


Rammaza Hardpoint is a GO! OGLA has to take this to force the game five.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.19PM GMT - OpTic Gaming LA 1-2 Dallas Empire

What an incredible play from the Dallas Empire! They snatch Hackney Yard Domination from the clutches of OGLA to take a 2-1 lead! How are OGLA going to bounce back from that?!

Sunday, March 8th - 10.17PM GMT

DALLAS CLUTCH UP! This is going to be so close!

Sunday, March 8th - 10.15PM GMT

Dallas re-take the lead! But the Green Wall get it right back as they bounce back with three minutes left.


Sunday, March 8th - 10.13PM GMT

Halftime: OGLA 83-77 Dallas Empire. OpTic rally in the closing moments to snatch the lead away from the Empire.

Sunday, March 8th - 10.11PM GMT

OpTic finally get some control of the map and begin to close the gap as we head towards half time!

Sunday, March 8th - 10.07PM GMT

Hackney Yard Domination is our setting for Domination. Which team is going to break the deadlock?

Sunday, March 8th - 10.05PM GMT


OGLA has the chance to defend LA if they can take down the Empire. Will they do it? We are about to find out!

Sunday, March 8th - 10.03PM GMT

A great response from the Empire in game two. Can they carry the momentum into the Domination? Both teams are pretty evenly matched when it comes to the swing game.

We answer back in the SND 6-2 as @iLLeYYY picks up 3 in the last round.The series is now 1-1.
— Dallas Empire (@DallasEmpire)
March 8, 2020

Sunday, March 8th - 10.00PM GMT - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 1-1 Dallas Empire


All tied up! Dallas Empire take Gun Runner S&D 6-2 to level the series at 1-1. No standout performances from both sides but the co-ordination from Dallas proved too strong.

Sunday, March 8th - 9.58PM GMT

Map point secured for the Dallas Empire. Can they close it out or are we going to see another 5-2 comeback?

Sunday, March 8th - 9.57PM GMT

The Empire is holding strong. They secure a fourth round as they move closer to levelling the series.

Sunday, March 8th - 9.54PM GMT

OpTic still not out of this yet! They close the gap to one round. 3-2 to Dallas.


Sunday, March 8th - 9.53PM GMT

Dallas secures their third round of the game and stop Jkap dead in his tracks as he tries to clutch for the Green Wall.

Sunday, March 8th - 9.51PM GMT

OpTic respond with their first round to close the gap. 2-1 to the Empire

Sunday, March 8th - 9.50PM GMT

Two in a row for the Empire. How are OGLA going to answer back?

Sunday, March 8th - 9.48PM GMT


The quick A hit and rotation to B pays off for Dallas as they secure the first round of the game.

Sunday, March 8th - 9.46PM GMT

We stay on Gun Runner for S&D! This is about to get TASTY baby!

Sunday, March 8th - 9.44PM GMT - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 1-0 Dallas Empire

The Green Wall stand strong! They take Gun Runner Hardpoint 250-172 to take the early lead in the series.

Sunday, March 8th - 9.43PM GMT

Jkap with the sneaky play to secure spawns for the Green Wall! OpTic is looking very good indeed.


Sunday, March 8th - 9.39PM GMT

OGLA begins to pull away after the first rotation of hills. They also have the spawns for P2! Dallas need to stop the bleeding and quickly.

Sunday, March 8th - 9.35PM GMT

Despite having the back spawns, OGLA fail to get a soild amount of time as the Empire head towards coal.

Sunday, March 8th - 9.33PM GMT

Gun Runner Hardpoint is up first. Focus on the battle for P2 spawns!

Sunday, March 8th - 9.32PM GMT


Crimsix versus JKap! Who is gonna take this series?

Sunday, March 8th - 9.25PM GMT - Dallas Empire v OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

Back to the action we go and what a match we have in store. The return of the eClasico! OGLA face Dallas Empire for a place in the finals of the LA Home Series.

Sunday, March 8th - 9.22PM GMT - Team Miles 2-0 Team Gurley

GG! Team Miles take a clean 6-0 win to take the LA Hype Battle.

Sunday, March 8th - 9.16PM GMT

Miles and Michael B. Jordan are on fire right now! They're in a prime position to be crowned the kings of the Hype Battle.


Sunday, March 8th - 9.12PM GMT

MILES ROSS IS A SAVAGE! The assassination sneeak through the smoke!

Sunday, March 8th - 9.08PM GMT - Team Miles 1-0 Team Gurley

Team Miles take Shipment 6-3! 

Sunday, March 8th - 9.06PM GMT

Team Miles secure map point on Shipment. What can Team Gurley do?!

Sunday, March 8th - 8.51PM GMT


After a bit of a wait, the Hype Battle is about to begin as Goldenboy takes to the stage!

Sunday, March 8th - 8.24PM GMT - Hype Battle TIME!

After we were so rudely interrupted by Momo's handywork on the telestrator, it's time for the hype battle! #TeamMiles ALL THE WAY!

Sunday, March 8th - 8.22PM GMT

Well this happened on stream.... Who's getting sacked in the morning?

Sunday, March 8th - 8.09PM GMT - OpTic Gaming LA v Dallas Empire

Before OpTic take on Dallas in the first semi-final of the tournament, we have the Hype Batlle. We are #TeamMiles


Sunday, March 8th - 8.06PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 3-0 Seattle Surge

GG! Minnesota RØKKR secure Hackney Yard Domination by a narrow margin to secure a 3-0 sweep and advance to the knockout bracket! The Seattle Surge has been eliminated from the LA Home Series.

Sunday, March 8th - 8.00PM GMT 

Halftime Minnesota 75-80 Seattle. Five points in it! Can Seattle stay alive in this series?

Sunday, March 8th - 7.58PM GMT 

All to play for with two minutes of the opening half left. Seattle hold a slender lead but Minnesota are keeping it close.

Sunday, March 8th - 7.49PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 2-0 Seattle Surge


GG! Minnesota take St. Petro S&D 6-2 to take a convincing 2-0 lead. Is there any way back for Seattle? Or is done and dusted? Hackney Yard Domination is next!

Sunday, March 8th - 7.47PM GMT 

Map point for Minnesota. What does Seattle have left in the locker.

Sunday, March 8th - 7.45PM GMT 

4-2 in favour of Minnesota. Is a potential comeback on the cards?

Sunday, March 8th - 7.43PM GMT 

The pistol engagements go in favour of the Surge! They get their first round on the board. Still a lot of work to do.


Sunday, March 8th - 7.41PM GMT 

OCTANE WHAT WAS THAT?!?! He tries to keep his team in the game but Minnesota hold strong to take a 4-0 lead.

Sunday, March 8th - 7.39PM GMT 

3-0 for Minnesota! Seattle's S&D woes continue unless they can stop the momentum.

Sunday, March 8th - 7.37PM GMT 

GodRx with the sniper! Minnesota take two quick rounds to put Seattle on the back foot.

Sunday, March 8th - 7.33PM GMT 


GAME 2: St. Petro S&D is next! Can the Surge muster up a strong S&D to level the series?

Sunday, March 8th - 7.31PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR 1-0 Seattle Surge

Minnesota draw first blood and take Azhir Cave Hardpoint to take the opening map of the series. A disappointing performance for Karma. He'll be looking to bounce back in game two.

Sunday, March 8th - 7.24PM GMT

That spawn control pays off for the Surge as they quickly reduce the gap as they move to the football field.

Sunday, March 8th - 7.22PM GMT

Minnesota begin well but it is Seattle that has control of the spawns for the second hill.


Sunday, March 8th - 7.19PM GMT

Here we go! Azhir Cave Hardpoint is our first map in the series. Watch Octane and his M4 doing damage but be aware of GodRx who will give him a run for his money.

Sunday, March 8th - 7.13PM GMT

BREAKING NEWS: The New York Subliners has signed Mack to its roster! Are more changes for the Subliners incoming?

Sunday, March 8th - 7.12PM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR v Seattle Surge

The second game of the day sees the Minnesota RØKKR versus the Seattle Surge. Seattle looked great against the LA Guerrillas but they now have a tougher task at taking down a very strong Minnesota team.

Sunday, March 8th - 7.02PM GMT


UP NEXT: The Minnesota RØKKR take on the Seattle Surge in the final elimination match of the tournament. Can the Surge cause the upset?!

Sunday, March 8th - 6.58PM GMT - Dallas Empire 3-0 Florida Mutineers

GG! The Empire go massive in the final stages of Hackney Yard Domination to secure a 3-0 sweep over Florida. The Mutineers are eliminated from the LA Home Series. 

Sunday, March 8th - 6.55PM GMT

Florida lock in two flags of their own and begin to chase down the Empire! Is the comeback on?

Sunday, March 8th - 6.53PM GMT

Halftime: Dallas 93-54 Florida. Dallas hold a solid lead as we head into the final five minutes on Hackney Yard. It's do or die for the Mutineers.


Sunday, March 8th - 6.50PM GMT

Dallas lock in two flags and neautralise C to break away from Florida!

Sunday, March 8th - 6.47PM GMT

Hackney Yard Domination is game three once again. Dallas has looked solid on this map but Florida has the favourable side. GAME ON!

Sunday, March 8th - 6.43PM GMT

It's looking pretty straightforward for Dallas, who are aiming to make another appearance in the knockout stage of the tournament. Can they go all the way and lift the trophy this time around?

An 6 - 4 SnD performance puts @DallasEmpire one away from sending @Mutineers home.Don't miss this next map! |
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
March 8, 2020

Sunday, March 8th - 6.41PM GMT - Dallas Empire 2-0 Florida Mutineers


GG! The Dallas Empire take Arklov Peak S&D 6-4 to take a 2-0 lead in the series. Can the Empire complete the sweep or does Florida have anything left in the tank?

Sunday, March 8th - 6.38PM GMT

5-4... is the 5-2 comeback on for the Mutineers?!

Sunday, March 8th - 6.36PM GMT

Florida manage to stay alive! They take their third round to keep Dallas at bay.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.35PM GMT

Florida manage to halt the Dallas momentum to bring it to 4-2 but the Empire answer back immediately to secure map point.


Sunday, March 8th - 6.31PM GMT

4-1 in favour of the Empire thanks to a strong post-plant scenario inside B.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.30PM GMT

A third round on the board for Dallas. Florida need to respond before the Empire take control of game two. 

Sunday, March 8th - 6.28PM GMT

A quick double kill from Huke gives Dallas a 2-1 lead in a very back and forth contest.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.27PM GMT


The pistol shots ALMOST connect but the Empire stick the defuse to win their first round.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.25PM GMT

Florida draw first blood! They win their first defensive round to open the scoring.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.22PM GMT

Off we go to Arklov Peak for the first S&D of the match. Can Fero display his S&D prowess against a very well-rounded Dallas team?

Sunday, March 8th - 6.20PM GMT - Dallas Empire 1-0 Florida Mutineers

Dallas strike first despite Skyz dropping 40 kills for Florida. The Empire take St. Petro Hardpoint 250-213 to take the lead in the first series of the day. 


Sunday, March 8th - 6.19PM GMT

Can Florida close the gap with a big hold of the restaurant?! This is going down to the wire.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.16PM GMT

We head to the second rotation of hills with Dallas holding a slight lead over Florida but the Mutineers manage to lock the P2 spawns. Still anyone's game.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.13PM GMT

A big hold of Hazmat for Florida brings them nicely back into the game and manage to break the Dallas hold of the pool hall to close the gap to within 20.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.11PM GMT


The first two hills go in favour of Dallas, who open up a sizable lead as the teams begin the battle for the Hazmat building.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.10PM GMT

The loser of this series is eliminated from the tournament, it's all to play for between two extremely talented teams!

Sunday, March 8th - 6.07PM GMT

St. Petrograd Hardpoint will open up this series. This really could go either way. If Florida come out swinging then it is going to be tricky for Dallas to take them down in the first game of the series.

Sunday, March 8th - 6.00PM GMT - Dallas Empire v Florida Mutineers

GAME ONE: The Dallas Empire look to book their place in another knockout bracket while the Mutineers attempt another run into the bracket with a slight variation on its roster from Atlanta. This could be a Florida win if iLLeY and Shotzzy don't perform.


Sunday, March 8th - 5.49PM GMT

WE ARE LIIIIVE! Day two of the Los Angeles Home Series is up and running. Taking to the stage first is the Dallas Empire facing off against the Florida Mutineers in the first elimination match of the day

Sunday, March 8th - 5.43PM GMT

Looking to find out where to watch all the action? Fear not! Find the stream below!

Sunday, March 8th - 5.40PM GMT


20 minutes until we get back underway in Los Angeles! I'm already looking forward to today's action.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.01PM GMT

Two hours until championship begins! Who have you got lifting the trophy at the end of today? Tweet us your predictions!

Sunday, March 8th - 1.46PM GMT

Good afternoon! Just over four hours to go until day two of the LA Home Series gets underway. Can a revitalised OpTic Gaming LA make a run in front of their home supporters or is it looking like a done deal for Atlanta FaZe? Tune in from 6PM GMT to find out.

Day 2

Sunday, March 8th - 4.39AM GMT


With that win, that is day one of the LA Home Series all wrapped up! We are back tomorrow at 6PM GMT for day two, where a champion will be crowned. I'm off to sleep.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.38AM GMT - Seattle Surge 3-0 LA Guerrillas

GG! Seattle sweep aside the Guerrillas in probably the most convincing victory this season. What a win!

Sunday, March 8th - 4.37AM GMT 

It's pretty much over for the Guerrillas as Seattle look very comfortable on Domination.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.34AM GMT

Here we go! Some signs of life from the Guerrillas but it's the Surge that manage to secure control.


Sunday, March 8th - 4.33AM GMT

Halftime: Seattle 85-62 LA Guerrillas. LA are not out of the game just yet but the sheer confidence that the Surge posses is proving difficult to overcome.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.30AM GMT

Or is it Karma?! He strings together five kills with ease. 

Sunday, March 8th - 4.28AM GMT

Hackney Yard once again plays host to Domination. Which Seattle player is going to bring the heat this time around? I'm going with Octane again.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.26AM GMT


Is there any way back for LA Guerrillas? Seattle has outclassed them in every way so far. 

Sunday, March 8th - 4.22AM GMT - Seattle Surge 2-0 LA Guerrillas

That was a rapid Gun Runner S&D! The Surge take the map 6-1 as Apathy drops 15 to secure a dominating 2-0 lead in the series. The hoods have well and truly been pulled down.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.20AM GMT

Map point in the bag for Seattle. There is no stopping Apathy and the Surge!

Sunday, March 8th - 4.18AM GMT

Make that 11 for Apathy! The Surge are in fine form as they race to a three-round advantage.


Sunday, March 8th - 4.17AM GMT

Seattle are not messing around. They score their third round with Apathy scoring 10 kills in quick succession.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.16AM GMT

A quick retake from the Surge gives them their second round of the game. 2-1 to the Surge.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.14AM GMT

All square! 

Sunday, March 8th - 4.13AM GMT


LA draw first blood and open the game with a strong hold of B.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.12AM GMT

Game two is LIIIIIVE! Can the Guerrillas bounce back? Let's find out.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.10AM GMT

Gun Runner is where the Guerrillas showed what they are capable of. After that domination in game one, there's still a chance for the Guerrillas to level the series.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.08AM GMT

We move to Gun Runner for game two! Is there any way back for LA or can Seattle string together a decent S&D performance to secure a commanding lead in the series.


Sunday, March 8th - 4.07AM GMT

Welcome to the 100-point club LA Guerrillas!

Sunday, March 8th - 4.06AM GMT - Seattle Surge 1-0 LA Guerrillas

Seattle bring the heat and take Azhir Cave Hardpoint 250-79. Octane dropped 43 KILLS on his way to the win. Is that all she wrote for the Guerrillas or can they answer back in game two?

Sunday, March 8th - 4.03AM GMT

Is there any real chance for LA to get back into this when Octane is shredding them like this?! This is brutal.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.02AM GMT


This is a total blowout for the Surge. The lack of practice is beginning to show for the Guerillas.

Sunday, March 8th - 4.01AM GMT

What a start from Seattle! Octane has 20 kills while Spart only has two! What is happening to LA?

Sunday, March 8th - 4.00AM GMT

Seattle manage to break LA's hold on the cave thanks to Octane and Pandur combining as a deadly AR duo!

Sunday, March 8th - 3.59AM GMT

Onwards to the football field and it is the Surge continuing to pill away despite LA having the favourable spawns.


Sunday, March 8th - 3.58AM GMT

Seattle hold onto the spawns by the narrowest of margins as the Guerrillas look to make a play through the cave. 

Sunday, March 8th - 3.56AM GMT

Azhir Cave makes its second appearance today. Octane is primed to deal a load of damage against AquA in the battle of the ARs.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.55AM GMT

All eyes on Vivid and the Guerrillas heading into this series. Which team is going to take on Minnesota in the final qualification match tomorrow?

Sunday, March 8th - 3.40AM GMT - Seattle Surge v LA Guerrillas


UP NEXT: Our final match of the day! Will it be Seattle Surge or the Guerrillas moving on to Sunday?

Sunday, March 8th - 3.38AM GMT - OpTic Gaming LA 3-0 Minnesota RØKKR

GG! The home team causes the upset against Minnesota, sweeping them aside 3-0 to book their place in the knockout bracket.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.36AM GMT

It's like OpTic has flicked a switch. I think it's all over...

Sunday, March 8th - 3.35AM GMT

Three flags locked in for the Green Wall AGAIN! What can Minnesota do?!


Sunday, March 8th - 3.33AM GMT

HT: OGLA 83-80 Minnesota. Still all to play for as we head into the final five minutes!

Sunday, March 8th - 3.32AM GMT

A HUGE response from the Green Wall! They manage to lock in control of all three flags to diminish Minnesota's early lead.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.30AM GMT

Minnesota has come out swinging as they look to get a foothold in this series.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.29AM GMT


St. Petrograd Domination will be game three. Minnesota kick off the game with two flags secured to get the early lead.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.26AM GMT

Can Minnesota perform a reverse sweep? Or will OGLA continue its run of form in game four?

Sunday, March 8th - 3.22AM GMT - OpTic Gaming LA 2-0 Minnesota RØKKR

This is a turn up for the books! OpTic Gaming LA take Rammaza S&D 6-3 to take a surprising lead over Minnesota! Has the Green Wall finally woken up?!

Sunday, March 8th - 3.20AM GMT

Minnesota stay alive as they secure their third round. OGLA still need one to go 2-0 up in the series.


Sunday, March 8th - 3.19AM GMT

Map point for OGLA! Who'd have thought it at the beginning of this series.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.17AM GMT

OpTic looking strong in game two. They take a 4-2 lead as they look towards securing the win.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.15AM GMT

Minnesota convert their second round of the game to close the gap to one. 3-2.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.14AM GMT


TJ and JKap doing some serious work for OpTic LA! They secure the third round for the Green Wall.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.12AM GMT

JKap is unable to replicate his teammate as Minnesota take him down to get their first round. 2-1 OGLA.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.11AM GMT

Slasher with the calmest 1v3 clutch you'll ever see! 2-0 to the Green Wall.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.09AM GMT

The Green Wall strikes first. They secure the opening round against the RØKKR.


Sunday, March 8th - 3.06AM GMT

Straight into Rammaza S&D we go! Can OGLA spring the surprise and take a 2-0 lead?!

Sunday, March 8th - 3.05AM GMT - Game One Highlight

It's been a while since we've heard BRUUCE ring around the arena. Here is Dashy decimating his opponents in the cave:

.@OpTicGaming knock first with the win on Azhir Cave Hardpoint, 250 - 208.Rammaza SnD is up next for map 2! |
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
March 8, 2020

Sunday, March 8th - 3.04AM GMT


That marks the first win on Azhir Cave Hardpoint for OGLA this season. Signs that the team is defintely improving and that the role changes appear to be making the difference.

Sunday, March 8th - 3.03AM GMT - OpTic Gaming LA 1-0 Minnesota RØKKR

OGLA start the series strong with a 250-208 win on Azhir Cave Hardpoint. What do Minnesota have in the locker?

Sunday, March 8th - 3.00AM GMT

The rotations are on point once again for OGLA. There's a real chance for them to close out game one here.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.58AM GMT

Another good hold of the middle hill for Minnesota but the Green Wall secure the rotation once again as they begin the push to 200 points.


Sunday, March 8th - 2.57AM GMT

A solid rotation for OGLA, securing a 70-point lead as the teams move back towards the middle. 

Sunday, March 8th - 2.55AM GMT

The early rotation into the cave allows the Green Wall to accumulate some more points but the RØKKR is already planning the rotation.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.54AM GMT

Right back in it. OGLA shut down the early Minnesota lead and begin to get control of the football field.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.53AM GMT


Minnesota already beginning to prioritise rotation after a solid hold of the first hill. OGLA answer right back and take control of the hill and those all-important spawns.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.50AM GMT

Here we go! Azhir Cave Hardpoint starts the series for the first time today. 

Sunday, March 8th - 2.47AM GMT

Azhir Cave Hardpoint to kick off the series! This is going to be a battle of the AR players so keep eyes on Slasher and GodRx throughout the game.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.43AM GMT

Hard to argue with the keys to victory! GodRx and Alexx have been dominating as two of the more aggressive players for Minnesota. Can this Anglo-American partnership achieve success against OGLA and maybe go all the way and take the tournament?!


Sunday, March 8th - 2.37AM GMT

Prediction time once again! The RØKKR has looked like a championship contender this weekend while the Green Wall and its composure held strong to take down the LA Guerrillas earlier in the day. Who is going to take this series? Tweet us your predictions.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.35AM GMT

What's the next step for New York to reverse its fortunes? Is it time for the sleeveless wonder to make his league debut?

Sunday, March 8th - 2.33AM GMT - Minnesota RØKKR v OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

UP NEXT: The victors from the battle of LA take on Minnesota. The winner advances into the bracket!

Sunday, March 8th - 2.31AM GMT - Florida Mutineers 3-1 New York Subliners


GG! The late comeback from New York wasn't enough as Florida take Hackney Yard Hardpoint 250-202 win to wrap up the series 3-1. They move on to play the Dallas Empire,

Sunday, March 8th - 2.29AM GMT

It ain't over till it's over! New York are coming back into the game. This rotation battle is crucial and will decide the game.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.28AM GMT

The Subliners has the rotation for the smokestack but it's Florida once again slaying out and getting control of the hill.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.26AM GMT

New York is in a tricky position. They can't afford to give up the spawns for tyre shop but it gives Florida even more points on the board. An almighty comeback needed for the Subliners.


Sunday, March 8th - 2.25AM GMT

Florida breach 100 points and lock down spawns for the Dock Building. The Subliners are spawning so far away, giving Florida a huge chance to run away with the game.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.21AM GMT

Florida begin the game with an early lead but focus has soon turned to the battle for the tyre shop spawns.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.19AM GMT

Hackney Yard Hardpoint is the fourth game of the series. Are we in for another close game between the two sides?

Sunday, March 8th - 2.16AM GMT - Florida Mutineers 2-1 New York Subliners


It's all over on Hackney Yard Domination. Florida's superior control of the B flag secures the win and a 2-1 lead in the series.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.13AM GMT

This is quickly becoming dangerous for New York. They need to try and break the Florida hold before this game becomes out of reach.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.11AM GMT

Halftime: New York 65-96 Florida. Work to do for the Subliners as the Mutineers display some strong mid-map control.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.09AM GMT

New York secure the A-C split to begin the chase of the Florida lead but the Mutineers is still able to hold two flags.


Sunday, March 8th - 2.07AM GMT

A triple capture straight away for the Mutineers! What a hot start for Florida. New York secure A but it's Florida with the two-flag hold.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.05AM GMT

Feels like this is the home of game three. Back to Hackney Yard we go!

Sunday, March 8th - 2.03AM GMT

Heading into the Domination with the momentum, New York has the chance to take the lead in the series. Whether Florida can stop them is another matter.

Sunday, March 8th - 2.01AM GMT - Game Two Highlight


Skyz and his cheeky 1v3 steals the show in game two:

.@CesarSkyz pulls off a huge 1v3 vs @Subliners!
— COD Gamepedia • CDL Updates (@COD_Gamepedia)
March 8, 2020

Sunday, March 8th - 2.00AM GMT - Florida Mutineers 1-1 New York Subliners

Level once again! New York Subliners take the round 11 to equalise the series at 1-1. 16 KILLS FOR TEMP!

Sunday, March 8th - 1.58AM GMT


We are going the distance! This S&D has had everything. Which of these teams is going to walk away with the win?

Sunday, March 8th - 1.56AM GMT

A well-timed sniper strategy from New York keeps them in the game. 5-4 to Florida.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.55AM GMT

A great rebound from New York. Temp with three kills to his name as they look to make the comeback.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.54AM GMT

SKYZ WITH A 1v3 clutch to secure map point for Florida! FMJ doing work on that final kill.


Sunday, March 8th - 1.52AM GMT

A fourth round for Florida! Can the Subliners stop the bleed?

Sunday, March 8th - 1.51AM GMT

Florida halt the Subliners, securing round five. Who is going to pull away to the win?

Sunday, March 8th - 1.49AM GMT

Back-to-back rounds for New York! Two rounds each as we go back to a level playing field.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.47AM GMT


An excellent respone from the Subliners. They now trail by a round. 2-1 to Florida.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.46AM GMT

Two in a row for Florida. Can New York get a round on the board before the Mutineers get kraken?

Sunday, March 8th - 1.44AM GMT

A good opening round for the Mutineers as they go one up against the Subliners.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.43AM GMT

We stay on Rammaza for the first S&D of the series! Fero has the chance to come into his own given his experience in the mode.


Sunday, March 8th - 1.40AM GMT - Florida Mutineers 1-0 New York Subliners

A close Rammaza Hardpoint goes in favour of the Mutineers, taking it 250-222! That could've gone either way. 

Sunday, March 8th - 1.38AM GMT

The killfeed turns cyan as Florida hit the 200-point mark. The Subliners are still in touching distance.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.37AM GMT

New York lock the back spawns almost levelling the game as the teams battle for barber shop control once again.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.35AM GMT


New York seem to be getting the early control but the slaying power of the Mutineers seems to be too strong for them as they quickly break the hill and extend their advantage.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.33AM GMT

New York rotate first to the construction site but Florida bully their way back in to keep the points tally ticking.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.32AM GMT

Florida bring the fire! The Mutineers quickly race to an 80-point lead as we head to the barber shop.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.30AM GMT

Off we go on Rammaza Hardpoint! Let the battle of the bridge commence!


Sunday, March 8th - 1.28AM GMT

Back to the next game, who have we got taking this game? Florida or New York? Both teams are evenly matched so expect a close series.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.26AM GMT

Slight digression from the upcoming match, with Atlanta taking down Dallas, the FaZe is now tied on points with the Chicago Huntsmen at the top of the table. With Chicago not in attendance, Atlanta has the chance to secure the top spot in the league.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.23AM GMT

One of these two teams is going to walk away with no points from the Los Angeles Home Series. If Florida advance, it's a W after making a last minute substitution but if New York continue, it's a sign that demoting Zer0 to the bench may have been the right decision after all.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.18AM GMT - Players To Watch


Keep your eyes peeled on super-sub Fero for Florida and new addition Happy who had a solid showing against the Dallas Empire earlier in the day.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.12AM GMT - Florida Mutineers v New York Subliners

UP NEXT: Our first elimination match of the weekend! Can Florida make the bracket or will the Subliners secure a place in the top four?

Sunday, March 8th - 1.10AM GMT

FAZE ARE ON FIRE, THE CDL IS TERRIFIED! Is a dynasty beginning to form if the FaZe keep up this level of performance throughout the season?

Sunday, March 8th - 1.09AM GMT - Dallas Empire 0-3 Atlanta FaZe

That is it! Dallas almost make the comeback but Atlanta grab control in the final stages of Hackney Yard Domination to secure the 3-0 sweep. The FaZe is the first team to book its place in the knockout bracket! Dallas fall to the elimination match where they will face either Florida Mutineers or the New York Subliners on Sunday.


Sunday, March 8th - 1.06AM GMT

Is the comeback on? Dallas are going to have to act fast if they are to have any chance of taking this win,

Sunday, March 8th - 1.04AM GMT

Dallas lock in B to begin the points chase but Atlanta quickly turn it red. This could be the beginning of the end for the Empire.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.03AM GMT

Halftime: Atlanta 83-60 Dallas. Now spawning on the good side, this could spark a comeback for Dallas.

Sunday, March 8th - 1.01AM GMT


How on earth can any team counter this ruthless aggression from Atlanta? Nonetheless, Dallas manage to get control of two flags in an effort to close the gap. Atlanta respond quickly and reaffirm their authority on the game.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.59AM GMT

Just two minutes into the half and Atlanta are already in so much control.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.57AM GMT

Back on Hackney Yard for Domination once again! Atlanta has the chance to cement its place at the top of the table if they can overcome the Empire again.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.55AM GMT

With a little downtime before the next game, which team, if any, is going to be able to take down Atlanta? 


Sunday, March 8th - 12.51AM GMT

Rambo is going to have to consult the playbook for Domination. Dallas can certainly answer back in game three but it is not going to be an easy task.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.48AM GMT - Dallas Empire 0-2 Atlanta FaZe

GG! Sim and his trusty sniper leads Atlanta to a 6-3 victory on Piccadilly S&D to take a commanding 2-0 lead over the Empire. What can Dallas conjure up in game three?

Sunday, March 8th - 12.45AM GMT 

Down but certainly not out! Dallas finally get their third round on the board. 5-3 to ATL.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.43AM GMT


Map point for the FaZe! Dallas looked like they had secured the round but Atlanta had other ideas. 5-2 in favour of the Red Militia.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.41AM GMT

Dallas claim their second round on the board. Perhaps a way back into the game?

Sunday, March 8th - 12.40AM GMT

There's just no stopping him! Simp gets his ninth kill of the game, extending Atlanta's advantage.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.39AM GMT

Simp and the AX-50, name a more iconic duo. He takes down another handful of Dallas players to bring his tally to seven kills after four rounds. 3-1 to Atlanta


Sunday, March 8th - 12.37AM GMT

Efficient utility usage from Dallas allows them to take their first round of the map.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.36AM GMT

Three snipes from Simp secure the second round for the FaZe. The sniper battle proving to be crucial as alwaus on Piccadilly.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.34AM GMT

Atlanta strike first thanks to Priestahh taking down two in the middle of the map. 

Sunday, March 8th - 12.32AM GMT


We move to Piccadilly S&D for the second game in the series. Dallas has already won this map today, can they make it two in a row and tie up the series?

Sunday, March 8th - 12.30AM GMT - Game One Highlight

Despite the loss, Huke dodged and dived his way to a six killstreak:

.@Huke chains 4 kills together to help keep the @DallasEmpire in the game! #BuildAnEmpire |
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
March 8, 2020

Sunday, March 8th - 12.29AM GMT - Dallas Empire 0-1 Atlanta FaZe


Priestahh takes over the final stages of St. Petrograd to give Atlanta a 250-241 win to kick off the series! What a game. The big takeaway from that was that Dallas were able to match the slaying power of Atlanta. This game to is about to be SPICY!

Sunday, March 8th - 12.27AM GMT

It all comes down to the Restaurant hill! This is going to be insane...

Sunday, March 8th - 12.26AM GMT

Atlanta re-take the lead on the hazmat hill. Dallas commit to the rotation early, giving the FaZe a slight lead as we head towards the end.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.24AM GMT

HUKE THE NUKE! A six killstreak gives Dallas a slight lead but it's Atlanta who have control of the pool hall spawns.


Sunday, March 8th - 12.22AM GMT

Here we go. The Empire respond with a very strong hold of the Restaurant hill. They're right back in it as the second rotation of hills gets underway.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.21AM GMT

We are off to the races on St. petrograd Hardpoint! Atlanta have a huge lead as we near the end of the first rotation of hills. Any response from Dallas?

Sunday, March 8th - 12.15AM GMT

The winner of this match secures a place in the top four. Shotzzy and iLLeY are going to have to be on top form if they are to have any chance of overthrowing Atlanta.

Sunday, March 8th - 12.13AM GMT


A bold prediction from caster Merk who thinks that this is going to be a simple sweep for Atlanta. What do you think? Tweet us!

Sunday, March 8th - 12.04AM GMT - Dallas Empire v Atlanta FaZe

Arguably the match of the day so far, the Empire and the FaZe are both looking to advance into the knockout bracket 

Sunday, March 8th - 12.01AM GMT

Does the Empire have what it takes to take down the best team in the league? Is it going to be business as usual for Atlanta? This has all the makings of a classic.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.59PM GMT

UP NEXT: A showdown between the Atlanta FaZe and the Dallas Empire! We have plenty more action left today!


Saturday, March 7th - 11.58PM GMT

OGLA finally score their first victory and points of the season! They now join in the hectic mid-table battle. Can the Green Wall move further and get some more points on the board?

Saturday, March 7th - 11.56PM GMT - LA Guerrillas 2-3 OpTic Gaming LA

GG! OpTic Gaming LA complete the reverse sweep and reign supreme in Los Angeles! They advance to play Minnesota in the qualifying game while the Guerrillas drop down to face Seattle Surge.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.54PM GMT

Map and match point for OGLA! Surely not another throw from the Green Wall?!

Saturday, March 7th - 11.52PM GMT


4-3 to OGLA... This is going the distance isn't it.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.51PM GMT

All tied up! The new members of the Guerrillas proving their value.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.50PM GMT

We need to take another look at that filthy play from Vivid:

.@VividTheWarrior isn't backing down 💪#HoodsUp |
— Los Angeles Guerrillas (@LAGuerrillas)
March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7th - 11.48PM GMT


Vivid obliterates three OGLA players and gets the bomb down to force the hand of the Green Wall! 3-2 in favour of OGLA.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.47PM GMT

OpTic find a third round. Can the Guerrillas assert some authority back into the game?

Saturday, March 7th - 11.42PM GMT

First blood for OGLA. Guerrillas score the first kill once again but to no avail.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.40PM GMT

Game five, Arlkov Peak S&D. The bragging rights are on the line. OGLA looking to secure the reverse sweep while the Guerrillas want to close out the series.


Saturday, March 7th - 11.36PM GMT - LA Guerrillas 2-2 OpTic Gaming LA

We are going to a game five! The battle for LA is going down to the wire as OpTic Gaming take Gun Runner Hardpoint 250-186 to force a deciding map.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.35PM GMT


.@Decemate BRO RELAX 💥💥💥
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7th - 11.34PM GMT


Think I spoke too soon... OpTic expertly flip the spawns in preparation for the fifth and final hill of the rotation.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.33PM GMT

Oh my Decemate! He takes down five OGLA players to keep hold of P2! They also secure early control of the third hill! GAME ON!

Saturday, March 7th - 11.31PM GMT

OpTic are running away with this. It's all going to come down to the battle for P2 spawns. Can the Green Wall pull away or can the explosive slayers of the Guerrillas stop the bleeding.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.30PM GMT

The Guerrillas rotate early but the Green Wall comes flying in to break the hold as they take the lead. 


Saturday, March 7th - 11.27PM GMT

OpTic has the spawns for the second hill but the Guerrillas still try to force the issue! LAG eventually give up and make the early rotation to coal.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.23PM GMT

Does the Green Wall have what it takes to take the series to a deciding S&D? Can the Guerrillas win the battle of LA? We are about to find out as we head to Gun Runner Hardpoint!

Saturday, March 7th - 11.20PM GMT - LA Guerrillas 2-1 OpTic Gaming LA

OpTic has two flags on lockdown. It's all but over for the Guerrillas as OGLA take Hackney Yard Domination to close gap in the series.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.16PM GMT


HT: Guerrillas 66-94 OGLA. The Green Wall is still standing... just. Can they hold on to take the series to a game four?

Saturday, March 7th - 11.13PM GMT

OGLA show some signs of life, securing a 17-point lead the Guerrillas battle to establish control of the warehouse.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.11PM GMT

We head to Hackney Yard once again for game three. Is there anything left in the tank for OpTic Gaming? The Green Wall is about to be knocked to the ground by the Guerrillas, who have been seriously impressive on the tournament debut.

Saturday, March 7th - 11.08PM GMT

If OGLA lose then what is next for them? A roster change? Who stays and who goes?


Saturday, March 7th - 11.05PM GMT

Is there any way back for OGLA as they stare down the barrel of their fifth consecutive loss?

It’s all business in LA for @LAGuerrillas!The series is now 2 - 0. |
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7th - 11.02PM GMT - LA Guerrillas 2-0 OpTic Gaming LA

The Guerrillas complete the 2-5 comeback! They now lead 2-0 against OGLA! Is the battle all but over?!


Saturday, March 7th - 11.00PM GMT

ROUND 11!!!

Saturday, March 7th - 11.00PM GMT

Slasher secures the 1v2 but there's no time left on the bomb! 5-4 to OGLA... Is the comeback on for the Guerrillas?

Saturday, March 7th - 10.57PM GMT

The Guerrillas aren't done yet. They secure their third round but OG only need one to tie up the series.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.55PM GMT


Despite the first blood success for the Guerrillas, OGLA secure map point as they look to level the series.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.53PM GMT

The Guerrillas answer back immediately with a round of their own. 4-2 to the Green Wall.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.53PM GMT

4-1 to the Green Wall. The aggression from Kuavo really paying off as he leads the lobby with 10 kills to his name.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.51PM GMT

Just like that! The Guerrillas halt the A push to get their first round on the board.


Saturday, March 7th - 10.50PM GMT

Three in a row for the Green Wall. Looking like the lack of practice might be showing for the Guerrillas.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.49PM GMT

Kuavo with the hot hands! OGLA take the opening two rounds leaving the Guerrillas looking to respond.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.47PM GMT

OGLA draw first blood in game two. Some very nice aggression from the Green Wall.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.44PM GMT


Gun Runner S&D is next. The quality of practice for the Guerrillas is about to show as they take on a more practices OGLA team.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.43PM GMT

The newcomers to the Guerrillas excelled, bringing in some much-needed aggression to the team while Dashy and Slasher looked so much more comfortable with an SMG and an AR in hand.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.41PM GMT - OpTic Gaming LA 0-1 LA Guerrillas

The LA Guerrillas draw first blood in the battle for LA! They take Hackney Yard Hardpoint 250-234 to grab the early lead in the series. Expect the Green Wall to bounce back with a vengeance in game two.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.39PM GMT

The Guerrillas take the lead as we head to the final hill of the game!


Saturday, March 7th - 10.38PM GMT

The Guerillas have the early offices set-up leaving OpTic to make the break.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.37PM GMT

Excellent control of the tyre shop once again for the Green Wall. This is quickly getting out of hand for the Guerrillas. They need to respond.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.35PM GMT

OGLA hold a nine-point lead after the first rotation of hills. Which LA team is going to break the deadlock?

Saturday, March 7th - 10.32PM GMT


The Guerrillas now have the tricky task of breaking the tyre shop but OGLA are looking very strong in the early stages.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.30PM GMT

OGLA start on the favourable side of the map so keep an eye on the early battle for P2 spawns.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.30PM GMT

HERE. WE. GO. The battle of LA is... LIVE!

Saturday, March 7th - 10.23PM GMT

Hackney Yard is our first destination for the battle of Los Angeles. It's going to be interesting to see how Dashy performs in the SMG role against two top-rated amateur players. 


Saturday, March 7th - 10.21PM GMT

The man, the myth, the legend that is Goldenboy! The CoD community has missed you.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.20PM GMT

I think this is the time OpTic Gaming LA get their first points on the board. Although the Guerrillas has bought in three new players to its starting line-up, I think that the Green Wall will manage to hold strong, but it's not going to be easy.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.16PM GMT

Are we going to see OpTic Gaming LA score its first points of the season? The Green Wall needs to before it falls too far behind the rest of the pack.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.12PM GMT


LA versus LA. I suspect that LA have a very strong chance at taking home a win here.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.07PM GMT

Looking back at previous events, new teams have often come out swinging during the first event after a change. Will this be the case or will the sheer amount of experience that OGLA possess stand strong in this series?

Saturday, March 7th - 10.02PM GMT

Vivid, Spart and Blazt in, Lacefield, Aches and Saints out, will that be the difference against an OpTic team that has undergone a role change? Slasher is back in familiar territory as the main AR player for the team while Dashy has moved into a more aggressive SMG role.

Saturday, March 7th - 10.00PM GMT - Los Angeles Guerrillas v OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

It's time for the battle of Los Angeles! A new-look Guerrillas take on the Green Wall who are still without a victory this season.


Saturday, March 7th - 9.57PM GMT - Game Four Highlight

That final hold from Dallas to wrap up the series was so well executed. Let's look back at the closing stages of the game:

With a quick double from @Crimsix, the @DallasEmpire seal the deal with a 3-1 over the @Subliners. #BuildAnEmpire |
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7th - 9.55PM GMT

Great to see CoD legend RamboRay back on the mainstage! He'll be impressed with his Empire team as look to prepare for a showdown against Atlanta.


Saturday, March 7th - 9.52PM GMT - Dallas Empire 3-1 New York Subliners

THAT'S IT. The Dallas Empire take a very close Hackney Yard Hardpoint to secure the 3-1 series win. The Empire advance to take on the Atlanta FaZe later this evening! New York drop down to face the Florida Mutineers in an elimination match.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.50PM GMT

New York rotate early for the offices, leaving Dallas to flood into the hill and they break it! They're heading towards the win.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.49PM GMT

Dallas break the tyre shop AGAIN! This battle for the Smokestack is going to be crazy.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.48PM GMT


Here we go! Both teams spawn near the tyre shop and it's New York that manage to set up for the next hill.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.46PM GMT

Dallas has the slight slaying advantage but it is New York maintaining control of the offices to take the lead.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.45PM GMT

A WILD AK-47 APPEARS! You should go check out our weapon guide for that.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.44PM GMT

Cool, calm and collected communication from Dallas as they nearly breach the second hill.


Saturday, March 7th - 9.43PM GMT

This is the battle. Can Dallas break the sticky spawns for the second hill?

Saturday, March 7th - 9.42PM GMT

Hackney Yard Hardpoint is a GO! Dallas looking to secure the series win while New York are looking to stay alive. 

Saturday, March 7th - 9.39PM GMT

A mercy rule for Domination would be perfect. Would make so much sense for it to be added when a game becomes out of reach for the losing team.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.38PM GMT - Dallas Empire 2-1 New York Subliners


Dallas take Hackney Yard Domination to take a 2-1 lead in the series. We stay on Hackney Yard for game four! New York won the first Hardpoint, can they rally and take the series to a fifth and final game?

Saturday, March 7th - 9.36PM GMT

It's looking very good for the Empire as they lock in two flags once again. New York has to act quickly before this game is done and dusted.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.33PM GMT

HT: Dallas 99-63 New York. A huge second half for the Subliners needed.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.31PM GMT

Dallas looking to end the opening half on the front foot with a solid hold of two flags. 


Saturday, March 7th - 9.28PM GMT

Hackney Yard Domination is next! If game one is anything to go by, this is going to be so very close.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.24PM GMT - Game Two Highlight

While wait for the Domination to begin, let's take a moment to appreciate those snipes from Huke:

The flick from
— Dallas Empire (@DallasEmpire)
March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7th - 9.22PM GMT


Not a bad debut for Happy so far. If he and the Subliners replicate the slaying performance from game one, they are right back in this series.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.21PM GMT - Dallas Empire 1-1 New York Subliners 

All square as the superior defence from Dallas proves to be the difference. All to play for as we head to game three!

Saturday, March 7th - 9.19PM GMT 

The Subliners stay alive. 5-4 in favour of the Empire.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.18PM GMT 

The Dallas defence holds strong as they secure map point. Can New York answer back?


Saturday, March 7th - 9.16PM GMT 

New York answer right back with some efficient trading. 4-3 to Dallas.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.15PM GMT 

Accuracy has the positioning but iLLeY takes him down to secure a 4-2 lead for Dallas. Is it time for them to run away with the game?

Saturday, March 7th - 9.13PM GMT 

Clayster wins the 1v1 by the narrowest of margins to give Dallas the lead! Two very evenly matched teams going toe-to-toe!

Saturday, March 7th - 9.11PM GMT 


A very clean retake from Dallas levels the game at 2-2. Which team is going to grab the advantage?

Saturday, March 7th - 9.10PM GMT 

New York taking it to one of the stronger S&D teams in the league. All to play for!

Saturday, March 7th - 9.08PM GMT 

One round apiece as Huke hits some crisp snipes for the Empire in round two.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.06PM GMT 

The patience pays off as New York retake the site to secure the opening round.


Saturday, March 7th - 9.04PM GMT 

Piccadilly S&D is next! Keep a look out for the double sniper set-up for the Emipre when they attack an objective.

Saturday, March 7th - 9.01PM GMT - Dallas Empire 0-1 New York Subliners

New York strikes first! They take Gun Runner 250-219 to take the early lead. An extremely strong slaying showcase from the Subliners. 

Saturday, March 7th - 9.00PM GMT 

This is going to be a tall order for Dallas if they are to take the map. The battle for P2 spawns is on!

Saturday, March 7th - 8.58PM GMT


Dallas prioritising the spawns rather than commit for the hill. It gives New York a solid lead but a lot of pressure for Dallas to hold the warehouse to stay in the game.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.56PM GMT

New York hold P2 despite a full-blown offensive play from Dallas. They give it up and rotate, allowing the Subliners to hold a slender lead.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.54PM GMT

Dallas take the lead! Despite a very strong first rotation for New York, it's the Empire that finally establish some control heading into the second rotation.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.50PM GMT

A very good start for New York. They lock in the spawns for P2 and begin to establish the early lead.


Saturday, March 7th - 8.48PM GMT

Off we go!

NOW LIVE! @DallasEmpire take on the @Subliners!↘️You won't want to miss a moment |
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7th - 8.46PM GMT

We still haven't seen Dallas running on full cylinders. This is a real opportunity for the Empire to excel as we head towards the halfway stage of the season.


Saturday, March 7th - 8.44PM GMT

Gun Runner Hardpoint will be our first game of the series. Happy has the chance to stamp his authority in his first game for New York.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.41PM GMT

With many questions surrounding the team change for the Subliners, what can we expect from Happy? Can he make a resurgence after being out of the pro scene since 2016?

Saturday, March 7th - 8.34PM GMT - Players To Watch

Watch out for the young guns of Shotzzy and iLLeY for Dallas. For New York, ZooMaa and new addition Happy are going to be the ones to keep your eyes on.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.31PM GMT - Dallas Empire v New York Subliners


UP NEXT: The Dallas Empire prepare to do battle against a new-look New York Subliners team. I say the Empire take the series 3-1. Let us know your prediction on Twitter!

Saturday, March 7th - 8.28PM GMT - Seattle Surge 1-3 Minnesota RØKKR

And it's GG! The Minnesota RØKKR take Rammaza Hardpoint to wrap up the series 3-1 over Seattle Surge. An improved performance for Seattle but they drop down to the lower bracket where they play either the LA Guerrillas or OpTic Gaming LA.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.26PM GMT

Just as Seattle look to have a perfect hold of the construction site, Minnesota break through to earn some valuable scrap time as we head to the arches.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.24PM GMT

The early rotation from Minnesota looks to have paid off as they begin to pull away. Is this the beginning of the end?!


Saturday, March 7th - 8.23PM GMT

Can you SMELLLLLLL what the RØKKR is cooking? The killfeed is all purple as they halt the progress of the Surge as we go to P2 for a second time.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.21PM GMT

And as soon as I say Seattle are leading, Minnesota come roaring back into the game.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.20PM GMT

Seattle respond with great control of the third hill to take a slight lead as we head to the construction site.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.19PM GMT


ALEXX IS ON FIRE. He has certainly had his Wheatabix.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.16PM GMT

The momentum is fully on the side of Minnesota heading into Rammaza Hardpoint. Seattle MUST shut down Alexx, who has been on fire throughout the series.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.13PM GMT - Seattle Surge 1-2 Minnesota RØKKR

It's mathematically impossible for Seattle to get back into the game. Minnesota take St. Petrograd Domination to re-take the series lead. Looking very good for the RØKKR to close out the series. Can Seattle force the game five?

Saturday, March 7th - 8.09PM GMT

Triple-cap secured for Minnesota. This is going to get rough quick for Seattle...


Saturday, March 7th - 8.08PM GMT

HT: Seattle 61-100 Minnesota. The Surge are going to have to come out swinging if they are to reduce the deficit.

Saturday, March 7th - 8.05PM GMT

Early control in favour of the RØKKR. How are Settle going to respond to this excellent slaying performance from Minnesota?

Saturday, March 7th - 8.03PM GMT

This is going to be a close one! Who takes the lead in the series? Seattle or Minnesota? Tweet us!

Saturday, March 7th - 8.01PM GMT


We stay on St. Petrograd for Domination. Do Seattle have what it takes to take down the strong slayers of Minnesota?

Saturday, March 7th - 7.58PM GMT

Perhaps Enable was the problem for Seattle... Pandur seems to be performing well alongside his new teammates. A solid tournament debut for him so far.

Saturday, March 7th - 7.56PM GMT - Seattle Surge 1-1 Minnesota RØKKR

ALL TIED UP! Seattle secure round eleven to take St. Petrograd S&D to level the series. The second S&D win for the Surge this season and what a time to do it.

Saturday, March 7th - 7.53PM GMT

ROUND 11! Can Seattle make the comeback?


Saturday, March 7th - 7.52PM GMT

5-4! Are we going the distance?

Saturday, March 7th - 7.50PM GMT

GodRx dances around the van to secure map point for Minnesota! Is there any way back for Seattle?

— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7th - 7.49PM GMT


Seattle are far from out of this. The Surge are now within one round of levelling the game.

Saturday, March 7th - 7.47PM GMT

Alexx continues to make plays! He secures Minnesota's fourth round. 

Saturday, March 7th - 7.45PM GMT

Apathy pops his Dead Silence and scores two quick kills, opening up the bombsite for the Surge to secure their second of the game. Game on?

Saturday, March 7th - 7.44PM GMT

SEATTLE WIN A ROUND! Down but certainly not out. 3-1 in favour of Minnesota.


Saturday, March 7th - 7.43PM GMT

3-0 for Minnesota. The S&D woes for Seattle continue once again!

Saturday, March 7th - 7.42PM GMT

Pandur almost makes the flank work but it's the RØKKR who are first to win two rounds.

Saturday, March 7th - 7.40PM GMT

The opening round goes in favour of Minnesot despite GodRx getting unlucky with the sniper.

Saturday, March 7th - 7.38PM GMT


St. Petrograd plays host to game two. Home of Seattle's only S&D win, is win number two on the cards?

Saturday, March 7th - 7.35PM GMT

I thought the Surge were about to make the comeback. Moving to S&D, can Seattle score their second win of the season or is the RØKKR going to run away with the series?

Saturday, March 7th - 7.34PM GMT - Seattle Surge 0-1 Minnesota RØKKR

Well that was close! Seattle almost rally back but it's Minnesota who hold strong to take Hackney Yard Hardpoint 250-235. 36 kills and over two minutes in the hill for Alex, a great performance from the Brit!

Saturday, March 7th - 7.31PM GMT

The Surge hold strong on P2 once again to take a slender lead but Minnesota come bouncing back with some impressive control of the Warehouse.


Saturday, March 7th - 7.29PM GMT

It is so very close between these two teams after the first rotation of hills! Who is going to walk away with the W?

Saturday, March 7th - 7.28PM GMT

Shades of the late, great Kobe Bryant as Octane scores a triple in the early stages of the game.

— Seattle Surge (@SeattleSurge)
March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7th - 7.26PM GMT


Seattle holding this second hill very well. A very back and forth contest after the opening hills.

Saturday, March 7th - 7.23PM GMT

Problems all sorted and we are off!

Saturday, March 7th - 7.21PM GMT

Aaaaaand there's a pause.... Hopefully the problem is resolved quickly and we can keep the world-class CoD action rolling!

Saturday, March 7th - 7.20PM GMT

HERE WE GO! Hackney Yard Hardpoint is LIVE.


Saturday, March 7th - 7.19PM GMT

It's hard to think that Seattle is the underdog heading into this match. With such talented players on the team, a win against Minnesota has the potential to turn their season around.

Saturday, March 7th - 7.17PM GMT

Hackney Yard Hardpoint is the first game of the series. Aggression is the key to success on one of the smallest maps in the CDL map pool.

Saturday, March 7th - 7.09PM GMT

Players to watch: Keep your eyes on new recruit Casey "Pandur" Romano for Seattle and for Minnesota, Adam "GodRx" Brown and Alex "Alexx" Carpenter are two players that are always making an impact.

Saturday, March 7th - 7.08PM GMT - Seattle Surge v Minnesota RØKKR


UP NEXT: We finally get to see a new-look Seattle team in action against a very strong Minnesota RØKKR. Who is gonna take this one?

Saturday, March 7th - 7.05PM GMT

It's a swift 3-0 for @ATLFaZe!@Mutineers drop to the knockout bracket.#EZAF |
— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7th - 7.00PM GMT

Despite the late team change, there were some signs of promise for Florida. Could they still take a win or two?


Saturday, March 7th - 6.59PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 3-0 Florida Mutineers

GGWP! Atlanta dominate Gun Runner Domination to secure a comfortable 3-0 sweep over the Florida Mutineers. They drop to the lower bracket while Atlanta move to the bracket qualification game.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.55PM GMT

Unless Florida perform some sort of miracle, Atlanta look in a very comfortable to round out the map and the series. A ruthless slaying performance from the young stars.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.54PM GMT

That was fast! After five minutes, Atlanta lead 91-64 over Florida. Cellium is FRYING.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.51PM GMT


THE ASSASSINATION FROM CELLIUM! The young star appears to be feeling confident to say the least.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.48PM GMT

UP NEXT: Gun Runner Domination. Do Florida have anything left in the tank or are Atlanta going to come out swinging and secure the 3-0?

Saturday, March 7th - 6.41PM GMT

Atlanta maintain their undefeated record on Arlkov Peak S&D! They're looking to secure the sweep in game three.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.40PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 2-0 Florida Mutineers

GG! Atlanta take Arklov Peak S&D 6-1 to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the series. Is there any way back for Florida?


Saturday, March 7th - 6.39PM GMT

Map point for Atlanta. Looking very good on S&D as always. 

Saturday, March 7th - 6.35PM GMT

Two-straight for Atlanta. It's going to take something special for Florida to get back into the game.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.34PM GMT

2-1 to the FaZe. They were lucky that Maux didn't catch sight of more Atlanta players on the flank.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.32PM GMT


Atlanta answer straight back thanks to a sublime triple kill from Priestahh!

Saturday, March 7th - 6.30PM GMT

A team ace for the Mutineers to kick off game two! The gamble pays off for Florida.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.26PM GMT

Arklov Peak S&D up next! Can Florida bounce back or are Atlanta going to continue to showcase its supreme S&D gameplay?

Saturday, March 7th - 6.22PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe 1-0 Florida Mutineers

First blood for Atlanta! They secure St. Petrograd Hardpoint 250-220 to take the early lead. What a start to CDL LA!


Saturday, March 7th - 6.17PM GMT

Just like that. Florida are right back in contention with a strong hold on the first hill. Still anyone's game!

Saturday, March 7th - 6.16PM GMT

The FaZe begin to establish some sort of control in what has been a very close game after the first rotation of hills.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.12PM GMT

Despite starting on the bad side of the map, the Mutineers start strong with Atlanta hot on their tail.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.09PM GMT


The players are on stage, the crowd is packed, time to get the action underway! St. Petrograd Harpdoint is up first.

Saturday, March 7th - 6.03PM GMT - Atlanta FaZe v Florida Mutineers

FIRST UP: A rematch of the Atlanta finals - Atlanta FaZe look to start the LA Home Series with a bang against a slightly different Florida Mutineers team.

Saturday, March 7th - 5.59PM GMT

AND IT'S LIIIIIIIVE! CDL Los Angeles is a go! Check out the stream below:

Saturday, March 7th - 5.15PM GMT


Opening proceedings is a rematch of the Atlanta finals, as the FaZe take on the Mutineers. It's going to be difficult for Florida, who are playing with Maurice "Fero" Henriquez in place of Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson this weekend. Can they cause an almighty upset in the first game of the day? Or is it going to be business as usual for the best team in the league?

Saturday, March 7th - 5.03PM GMT

ONE HOUR TO GO! Who have you got taking home the title this weekend? Tweet us your pre-event predictions!

Saturday, March 7th - 4.16PM GMT

Los Angeles marks the first chance for a team to win two tournaments in a row. As the in-form team, Atlanta FaZe is in a prime position to become the first team in CDL history to go back-to-back. I think Minnesota and Dallas may have something to say about that!

Saturday, March 7th - 3.57PM GMT

GOOD AFTERNOON! Only feels like yesterday since I was doing this for CDL Atlanta. In just two hours time, the Los Angeles Home Series gets underway. Find the stream, schedule and everything you need to know about this weekend's action in this article!


Live Updates

Don't forget to bookmark this page for regular live updates as the event takes place!

Date & Venue

The third stop in the CDL calendar takes place on March 7th-8th at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

The event will be the third event using the tournament format, where the eight teams will be split into two groups of four and the teams that secure two victories will qualify for the knockout bracket.

Tickets for the Los Angeles home series can be bought here.


The event will be streamed live on the Call of Duty League YouTube channel.


If you missed the action from Atlanta, you can re-watch the VOD.

Format & Teams

As always, eight teams will be in attendance at the event.

Below is a full list and a breakdown of which groups they have been drawn into.

Group A


Group B

You can read the full rules for the CDL here.



Saturday, March 7th

Atlanta FaZe v Florida Mutineers6PM1PM10AM
Minnesota RØKKR vs. Seattle Surge7.30PM2.30PM11.30AM
Dallas Empire vs. New York Subliners9PM4PM1PM
Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles11PM6PM3PM
TBD v TBD12.30AM7.30PM4.30PM
TBD v TBD3.30AM10.30PM7.30PM


Sunday, March 7th

Group B LR26PM1PM10AM
Group A LR27.30PM2.30PM11.30AM
Semi-Final 19PM4PM1PM
Semi-Final 10.30PM5.30PM2.30PM
Grand Final12AM7PM4PM


First-Round Predictions

Atlanta FaZe v Florida Mutineers


The first match of the LA home series is a rematch of the Atlanta Grand Finals.

I can see the end result slightly differing from the Atlanta match, with the Mutineers managing to take one map but I think that the FaZe still end up taking the win. I’m going 3-1 to Atlanta.

Minnesota RØKKR v Seattle Surge

The LA home series will be the first time we get to see Casey “Pandur” Romano compete under the Seattle Surge banner while Minnesota are fresh of a very strong showing in Atlanta.

Despite the change in personnel for the Surge, I don’t think they come anywhere close to the RØKKR, a team that came very close to taking down Atlanta in the previous tournament. I’m going with a comfortable 3-0 win for Minnesota.


Dallas Empire v New York Subliners


With just 10 points on the board, LA is a prime opportunity for New York to begin their ascent towards the hectic mid-table battle.

There is plenty of talent on the Subliners and not attending Atlanta has given them extra time to practice and refine strategy ahead of a tough game against the Empire.

Dallas looked solid in London, making it all the way to the finals but falling short against Chicago once again. I think this particular game is closer than it looks, so I’m going to say the Empire takes it 3-2.

Los Angeles Guerrillas v OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

The fourth and final match is a battle for Los Angeles. With both teams rumoured to be making some form of change before the event, it is going to be tricky to see which of the two sides comes out on top.

If OGLA fail to beat the Guerrillas then something is going badly wrong for the Green Wall.

Going off recent form, the Guerrillas have a real opportunity to be the best LA team in the league and I think that they are going to do that with a victory over OpTic. I’m saying 3-1 to the Guerrillas.


Top 4 Predictions

1st: Atlanta FaZe2nd: Minnesota RØKKR3rd: Dallas Empire4th: Florida Mutineers

Atlanta are the team to beat despite Minnesota coming close to defeating them back in Atlanta.

It’ll take something very special for the seven other teams to take down the FaZe in LA, so they are my pick to take it all and be the first team to go back-to-back this season.

As for second, I’ve opted with Minnesota. After giving the FaZe a run for their money in Atlanta, the RØKKR impressed with Adam “GodRx” Brown proving to be one of the stars of the season so far.

The Dallas Empire finishing in third isn’t out of the question given their recent performances.

If the young prodigies in Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro and Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal can find some form, then perhaps they give Minnesota and Atlanta a scare but I don’t see that happening for a while yet so I think they’ll place in the top four easily.


Florida’s appearance in the Atlanta final was certainly no fluke. With two very talented AR players on the team, the Mutineers are quickly rising to the top of the mid-table battle.

I think they continue their run of form and round out the top four. I think they do what have what it takes to defeat Dallas so they may even secure third place! It is very close to call between those two sides.