Modern Warfare: Aniyah Incursion Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay

Season 3 of Modern Warfare for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now live across all platforms and the classic Ground War map Aniyah Palace has been condensed to 6v6 called Aniyah Incursion.

In this article, find a comprehensive guide to the new map, including key hotspots, objective locations, how to play the map and some handy tips and tricks to give you the upper hand on the enemy team.

Map Overview

Modern Warfare Aniyah Incursion overview
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Objective Location


Modern Warfare Aniyah Incursion map walkthrough
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Search & Destroy

Modern Warfare Aniyah Incursion map guide
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Modern Warfare Aniyah Incursion walkthrough
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Cyber Attack

Modern Warfare Aniyah Incursion guide
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Key Hotspots


Modern Warfare Aniyah Incursion walkthrough
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Located at the southern side of the map, the barracks is often one of the most congested areas of the map due to the narrow lane between the two tiny buildings either side of the alleyway.

It is very easy to control and pin any opponents inside the two buildings from either end of the alley and with two main exits from the palace nearby, it is easy to score several kills in quick succession by holding down this particular area of the map.

Pool House

Modern Warfare Aniyah Incursion best spots
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Overlooking the vast majority of the north side of the map, the pool house is a two-storey building that is one of the key places to hold if you are looking for victories on Aniyah Incursion.

The building is easy to defend but a well-coordinated push can see control of this building change in an instant.

There are various weapons that can be effective from this position. Snipe enemies looking to cross from the shipping containers or sit on the ground floor with a powerful shotgun to take down any intruders attempting to wrestle control from your grasp.


Modern Warfare Aniyah Incursion best spots
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The palace is certainly the busiest area of the map. Found in the middle, the battle for supremacy often continues throughout the majority of matches.

With so many corners and crafty places to enter the palace, there are many ways to play this area of the map, whether that is with a close-quarters weapon or even sprinting around the building armed with just a combat knife.

Either way, the palace is always filled with action and lends itself to multiple engagement opportunities for players.


How to Play

Stay in the Palace

The risk of being taken out when crossing into an open area of the map is extremely high so staying inside of the palace is a good way of not worrying about being picked off, allowing you to focus on all the action taking place inside.

Filled with several dark corners and balconies overlooking the swimming pool, you can arm yourself with nearly every weapon in the arsenal and drop a solid number of kills from within the walls of the palace.

Mount Up

At both Coalition and Allegiance spawns, there are two walls where you can mount your weapon and wait for the opposing team to push your side of the map to pick them off with ease.

Patience is the key with this particular strategy. It is very easy to dismount from the walls and try a different way to secure the top spot on the scoreboard so stay alert for the impending enemy offensive charge.

This is a knife!

This may seem a very unorthodox strategy but the combat knife can be one of the most impactful weapons on Aniyah Incursion.

The trick to success with the knife is to use it in the palace and in the several small outbuildings on the outside of the palace.

Quick reactions and dexterity are all that is required to achieve success with the knife so give it a try if you want to have some fun with a melee weapon!

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