Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Remastered Maps That Should Return In DLC 1 For Modern Warfare 2019

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Modern Warfare has arrived and despite having plenty of new maps, they haven't been best received by the community.

There are a lot of positives to draw from the is new Call of Duty, one of the best aspects actually comes from the feedback and updates Infinity Ward are providing with the game.


It may be unlikely that we see any structural changes to the maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but we do have DLC to look forward to - the idea of some throwback maps are even more mouthwatering than before; as tends to be tradition with COD DLC.

There are so many iconic multiplayer maps from Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and 3, we take a look at ten maps that we think will return in the brand-new iteration of the Modern Warfare series.



First up is Mission from Modern Warfare 3. Set in an African colonial settlement, the traditional three lane design provides a good mix of long and short-range engagement opportunities.

The left and right sides of the map offer ideal lines of sight for snipers, while the compact central area gives players the opportunity to excel with a shotgun or even a sub-machine gun (SMG).

 This map suits nearly every playstyle and most gamemodes, not to mention it would look amazing on the all-new game engine.



Taking place in a Parisian district not far from the Eiffel Tower, Resistance is a map ideal for Assault Rifle (AR) players.

There are plenty of opportunities for mid-range gunfights, while snipers can overlook the lower half of the map. There are numerous chokepoints in the middle house and out towards the rear. 


This map played host to many great objective game modes in Modern Warfare 3 and would fit right at home in the new Call of Duty.


First up from Call of Duty 4 is Crossfire.


With two relatively open buildings at the opposing ends of the map, intense sniper battles often occur between players.

While the snipers reign down over the main street, there are multiple buildings which can be used to flank or engage in some frenetic combat with a rapid-fire SMG. 

This made for an incredible Search & Destroy map, favouring teams that co-ordinated their strategy and outmanoeuvred the opponents.


Filled with fast-paced, close quarters action, Favela is still a fan favourite map from Modern Warfare 2.

With plenty of chaotic action in the middle of the map, the outer lanes and tall buildings catered to all playstyles.

Despite maps such as Grazna Raid getting a bad rep for the number of building, this map doesn't offer much chance to play defensively with how many entrances most buildings have.



Back in the early days of competitive Call of Duty, Dome was played as a Capture the Flag (CTF) map and often led to fast and furious action between the best talents in the world. 


The small nature of the map will see all new lethal and tactical equipment thrown across the map creating some jaw-dropping plays. 

For SMG players, Dome was perfect to rack up serious numbers in the slaying department.


As one of the largest maps from the original Modern Warfare trilogy, Overgrown would be perfect for those looking to do some sniping.


The small buildings favoured SMGs and shotguns as the two teams often did battle for grandma’s house. 

This was another map that was structured beautifully to suit all modes and keep the gameplay flowing.


Still considered one of the best maps from the original trilogy, Highrise offered a diverse range of playstyles for everyone. 

In order to avoid being shot from across the map at the beginning of the game, players took the underground route and flanked into the opposing building to lay waste to the opposition. 

The focus for this map was around the battle to control the helicopter in the centre of the map.


At number three is Terminal. Based on the controversial “No Russian” campaign mission, the map made for frequently fun and action-packed matches.


Players often rushed towards the middle corridor aptly named the “hallway of death” thanks to its narrow doorways at either end and the windows that could easily be shot through from the outside.

 It has returned previously, both on Modern Warfare 3 and Infinite Warfare, due to its accommodation of various game modes.


The final map from Call of Duty 4 on the list is Crash.

It is relatively small compared to other maps, but has a big reputation for intense fights. 


The map has been traditionally filled with gritty exchanges around the crashed helicopter in a bid to control the three major buildings. 


With the various obstacles in place, it will be a great challenge for all players to master their shots and take advantage of their custom loadouts.


Last but by no means least is Rust. A tiny battlefield set in the middle of the desert; Rust was home to all-out chaos on Modern Warfare 2. More often than not, players would spawn in someone else’s line of sight, leading to very quick kills.

Along with Shipment from Call of Duty 4, Rust is the home of the 1v1 duel.

This map was rumoured to be within the game files of the PC beta version, with a brand new look. It would make for a fantastic Gunfight maps, if not a great multiplayer addition.

That’s our list! Which maps from the original trilogy would you love to see return? Let us know on Twitter!

Written ByJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95