Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 DLC: Maps, Schedule And Everything We Know So Far About Post-Launch Content

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Although the release of Modern Warfare is not until October 25thDLC has been heavily discussed.

With the Modern Warfare 2019 beta currently underway, more and more information is popping up about how the game will operate for the year ahead.

Call of Duty  has certainly changed the game this year, with DLC bein free this season - it's been rumoured we will see extra content in the form of weapons, maps, spec ops missions and more.

It was recently announced that despite an exclusivity deal with PlayStation 4, all post-launch content will be available at the same time on the major platforms.

Unlike previous titles, Modern Warfare is set to have a different approach to DLC and post-release content. Here’s everything we know regarding downloadable content so far and what to expect in the first few months of release.


What We Know So Far

Activision recently announced that the post launch maps and modes for Modern Warfare 2019 will release on all platforms at the same time - this is no doubt an initiative to allow for free-flowing cross play between consoles.

However, Call of Duty will continue its partnership with PlayStation as players will get an "exciting day 1 advantage". What that advantage is, remains to be seen.

In the same announcement it was confirmed what type on content we will receive: "new multiplayer maps, new multiplayer modes, special ops missions and more will release simultaneously across all platforms".


Creative director for Modern Warfare 2019, Patrick Kelly, has stated that the season pass that gives players access to bonus content has been “eliminated” in order to deliver more free maps and new content for everyone as opposed to those that invested into the season pass.

Scrapping the season pass is good for everyone that owns Modern Warfare as they will benefit from every single free update.

Specifics for the new maps and content will be released are uncertain but expect the likes of new outfits, operators and camouflages to become available in the months after release.

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What To Expect

According to popular Modern Warfare 2019 leaker, TheGamingRevolution, there are plans to offer numerous additional weapons, operators and more after the game is released.

The crossbow is set to make its debut on Modern Warfare after release along with NFL star Marshawn Lynch and Hollywood actress Tessa Thompson both rumoured to be operators within the game post-release.


New maps will all but certainly be included in the majority of the content updates throughout the cycle of the game.


Normally, there are at least two or three brand new maps along with a rework or a remaster of a classic Call of Duty map from a previous title.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95


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