Hunt Showdown Mobile: Release Date, Trailer, Early Access, Platforms, Developer and Everything We Know

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Hunt: Showdown has proven to be something of a commodity with multiplayer shooter fans, as Crytek’s latest shooter has managed to find its own niche in a genre that often has too many similar games.

Considering how popular the shooter has become over the years, it shouldn’t surprise fans that a Hunt: Showdown mobile game has been leaked, though things are going to be a bit different as Crytek will be making some major changes in order to make this title more appealing to mobile players and some of those decisions might be controversial.

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Will Hunt: Showdown Mobile Be Free-To-Play?

According to the leaks, Hunt: Showdown on mobile devices will be a free-to-play game to attract more fans, with some changes reportedly being done to make the visuals more appealing to a wide audience, which might prove controversial given the game’s unique gothic atmosphere.

Considering how mobile games tend to be played by kids, making the characters and settings more kid-friendly might help, though fans of Hunt: Showdown won’t be pleased.

Is Hunt: Showdown Mobile Going To Have Microtransactions?

The move to free-to-play does mean Hunt: Showdown will have to rely on microtransactions to make money for the devs, though they hopefully won’t be too annoying and block progress like other mobile games.

Making players pay for skins and battle passes has become the norm for free-to-play shooters but anything else might be too much.

When Is Hunt: Showdown Mobile Coming Out?

None of the Hunt: Showdown mobile leaks confirmed any release date, although it was suggested that it could arrive this year.

Screenshots and Trailers

No images or trailers yet, but we're curious to see how the game will capture the signature tone of the PC version.

We'll be sure to update you as we hear more.

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