Crysis Battle Royale, VR Title and Remaster Trilogy Leak

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A series of Crysis titles have leaked, including Crysis Next which was previously unearthed earlier this month.

As per longtime leaker @playerIGN on Twitter, Crysis Next is a battle royale that is free-to-play, fast-paced, and the "ultimate live streaming experience". The leaker also acknowledges the game's "high production value".


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Crysis Battle Royale, VR Title and Remaster Trilogy Leak

Previously leaked via 4Chan, Crysis next appears to be a third-person take on Crysis, and according to PlayerIGN's video report, features '100s of players'.

It will support an in-game shop with battle passes and will come to PlayStation, Xbox and PC (via Epic's storefront). It is slated for 2022, according to the leak.


Also mentioned is Crysis VR, a title set to offer a "visually breathtaking and next-level immersive experience".

It's a match-based multiplayer shooter and a 'AAA VR title' with 'stunning visuals and [a] realistic atmosphere'.

No specific VR platforms were mentioned.

Hunt Mobile, a free-to-play mobile version of Crytek's horror-themed team-based shooter is also slated for Android and iOS devices. The leak reports that the PC game's popularity in China is the reason for a mobile version.

Crysis Remastered launched last year, but it appears remasters of the second and third titles could be on the way in the coming months. All three were planned for 2020, but these projects could also have been cancelled.

We interviewed Crytek about their latest title, The Climb 2 for Oculus Quest 2, last month. We asked about any plans to bring its other franchises to VR, and while the team said that Hunt: Showdown wasn't making the jump, they were coy about the potential for a new Crysis game in VR.