Merge Mansion July 4th Event Guide - All Tasks and Rewards

Official Merge Mansion artwork for the 4th of July.

It's nearly the 4th of July, and celebrations are already getting underway - even in Merge Mansion! A themed event is here where you can get plenty of party items and decorations: the Merge Mansion July 4th event!

Lasting 14 days from June 23, 2022, the Merge Mansion July 4th event will have you dishing out burgers, shakes, and more to complete tasks and earn those all-important event points to buy themed decorations and spruce up the mansion in true American style. There are packs available that cost coins and gems to refill your energy and allow that bit more time to get through the event.

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How To Start The Merge Mansion July 4th Event

To get going in the Merge Mansion July 4th event, you will need to be at least level 12. There is a task in this level that unlocks the event board, allowing you to play the seasonal events added to the game.

Once this is unlocked, you can access the events at the gate in the garage. There is also a button on the map screen dedicated to the 4th of July event.

Grandma gets wild during the Merge Mansion July 4th Event.
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What Are the Merge Mansion July 4th Rewards?

Hot Dog Stand
Milkshake Stand
Liberty Lamps
BBQ Grill
Golden Bell
Hot Air Balloon
Tricycle And Side Car
Liberty Golf Cart
Fourth of July Door Decoration
Liberty Gate
Uncle Sam Statue Outfit
Eagle Balloon
Gifted when all other items are bought.

To reap the rewards of your hard work, visit the July 4th Collection Shop. Here you can purchase all of the themed items. Note that you'll need to have cleared and fixed up the area for the items in order to get them set up.

The decorations sold in the Collection shop are only purchasable with Event Points.

What Are the Merge Mansion July 4th Tasks?

Within the 4th of July event, there are 50 themed tasks for you to complete. Completing all of these once will net you around 880 July 4th Points, so you'll need to continue doing tasks if you want to purchase all of the rewards.

Once the initial 50 tasks have been completed, the later 30 will repeat, all earning at least ten July 4th Points, as well as ten or more XP. There's also a round of secondary tasks that unlocks when you complete the first 20 tasks. These will give coins and event points instead of XP.

You'll notice there are two progress bars for this event. These fill up as you complete tasks and purchase event items, and when full will reward you with energy and boosters, or a surprise shop item.

We're going to have a lot more to say on Merge Mansion real soon. So if you're planning on playing the game a lot more, check back soon for more guides and tips.

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