Best free puzzle games for 2024

Image of various magical characters in Hero Wars.

In need of a new brain teaser to keep you busy? Our lengthy, curated list of the best free puzzle games can keep your mind sharp and entertained all at the same time. From challenging strategy games to numerical puzzles, there's bound to be something here to get your cogs whirring.

Whether using it as a morning wake-up brain teaser or as part of your daily commute, these puzzle games are all free to play, helping keep your mind off your money and firmly on the task at hand. There's no feeling quite as satisfying as finally completing a puzzle you've been stuck on for ages, and these games are definitely up there when it comes to the challenge.

Here are the best free puzzle games

Hero Wars

Image of the player trapped in a puzzle maze in Hero Wars.
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First on our list of the best free puzzle games is Hero Wars, a mobile title you may recognise from its very successful viral marketing. While it's primarily a turn-based RPG, there are some puzzle levels which function as interludes to break up the combat-heavy gameplay. That's where you may recognise Hero Wars from: levels tasking you to pull levers to neutralise a pool of lava, saving the protagonist from a grizzly fate and instead toward riches.

Though puzzles are far from the core focus of Hero Wars' gameplay loop, bonus objectives consisting of complex conundrums come appear after every couple of levels, tasking you with rescuing your character from a danger and grabbing mountains of gold instead. If you think you'll get bored by back-to-back puzzle content, the pacing of Hero Wars might just help make this your go-to experience.

Magic The Gathering

Image of a card game in practice in Magic The Gathering.
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Next, for something far more tactical. You've no doubt seen Magic The Gathering before. It's one of the most popular tabletop card games on the market. This digital version of the game is as engrossing and deep as the real deal, but it benefits from being ultra-portable and incredibly accessible at the same time. It's available on both PC and mobile, so you can take the action on the go without having to head to your local card shop beforehand.

In terms of gameplay, it's the same turn-based card battles you've come to expect from MTG. With hundreds of different cards on offer, all with their own boosts to shake up your strategy, there are few card games as deep and challenging to this day. Where others strive for lightning-fast duels, Magic the Gathering: Arena stays true to the decades-old experience, with its age leading to a near-infinite number of deck configurations you can go up against.


Image of a character fleeing prison from the Jailbreak game in Roblox.
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While Roblox in itself isn't technically a puzzle game, there's good reason to include it here as one of the best free puzzle games around. The range of different experiences you can find on the user-generated platform certainly contains plenty of great puzzlers, so it's only fair that it gets a good look from our microscope. From brain-teasing co-op puzzlers like Escape Room to Obby games that challenge your dexterity through parkour obstacle courses, there are plenty of games on Roblox to help switch your brain on.

As a platform with co-op at its core, you can also find a bunch of user-made versions of games like Draw Something. While they may not be as convenient as the other versions, being able to play through Roblox means you can easily switch to a different game once you're ready for something new. Simply search for puzzle games on Roblox, and you're bound to find something new and exciting each and every time.

Candy Crush Saga

Image of a grid puzzle in progress in Candy Crush Saga.
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Next, for the puzzler that arguably kicked off the contemporary obsession with the genre, Candy Crush Saga has more than withstood the test of time, letting its simple connect-three gameplay loop speak for itself. While the concept is certainly easy once you first try it out, the levels get gradually trickier and more addictive, meaning you won't want to leave one unfinished.

It's the perfect game for short, snappy play sessions, and as such it's no surprise that Candy Crush Saga has become one of the go-to puzzlers for busy commuters. Plenty of imitations exist, but Candy Crush Saga has always been the number one mobile puzzle game. Connecting three candies together may sound simple, but you can easily lose hundreds of hours to it.


Image of a guess in progress in Wordle.
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If you've been anywhere on the internet in 2022, you'll know about Wordle. Josh Wardle's word-guessing browser game was the definitive hit of early 2022, with absolutely everybody playing it and sharing their results on social media each and every day. One New York Times buyout later and it's still going as strong as ever, with a new daily puzzle to enjoy over your morning coffee. It's certainly deserving of a space on the best free puzzle games list from the impact it's had on the world.

The simplicity of Wordle's concept is exactly why it has remained so popular. Guessing a five-letter word with various coloured prompts may sound easy, but the gratifying feeling of getting the answer right never wears off. Even better, there's nothing quite like comparing with your friends and seeing if you beat them to today's worth in fewer guesses.


Image of a failed guess and the solution in Heardle.
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Linked to that, the cultural phenomenon that is Wordle created a whole bunch of spin-offs, each shaking something up. Arguably the most resonant is Heardle, the perfect morning distraction for music fans. As with the game that inspired it, the concept is simple: you listen to the opening seconds of a song, and guess what it is. Sounds easy, right? As the songs get more obscure, the challenge certainly ramps up.

Some songs you'll be able to recognise within one second, but you get more and more snippets if you're unable to get it early on. As with Wordle, the social element is crucial, as you can share how long it took you to find the answer. If the music fan in your friend group isn't already playing Heardle, this is your chance to show off your prowess!


Image of a match in progress in 2048.
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Last on our list is one of the most iconic browser puzzle games out there, which still proves very addictive to this day. The concept of 2048 is simple: match numbered blocks with the same number, gradually multiplying until you can combine two 1024 blocks to hit the coveted target number. It becomes more of a test of your dexterity, though: the grid fills up, and each swipe has to count.

Easy to grasp but difficult to win, 2048 is a great way to spend five spare minutes or to test your maths skills in a very casual way. Available both on mobile devices as well as straight on the browser of your nearest computer, it's far more addictive than its simple appearance begets. Beating a new high score is a great feeling, but 2048 doesn't make that easy!

Solitaire Bliss

Play Solitaire Bliss Free!

Solitaire Bliss offers a wide array of Solitaire game variants from the classic Klondike to more complex ones like Spider and FreeCell. The platform is designed to cater to both Solitaire purists and those seeking a fresh twist on the traditional game. With its intuitive layout and user-friendly interface, Solitaire Bliss ensures a seamless gaming experience. The games are more than just a test of patience and strategy; they also challenge your ability to adapt and plan ahead, as each variant comes with its unique set of rules and complexities.

Spades Co

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Next is, a vibrant hub for Spades enthusiasts to gather and engage in the beloved trick-taking card game. The platform elevates the traditional Spades experience by offering a variety of game modes, ranging from classic gameplay to more modern adaptations, catering to all levels of players. is not just about playing cards; it's about strategizing with your partner, outsmarting your opponents, and navigating the fine balance between risk and reward. The site’s sleek design and features like strategic guides and rulebooks make it easy to start a game with friends of all skill levels or join matches with players from around the globe.

That's it for our look at the best free puzzle games! If you want something a little more laidback, feel free to check out our list of the best free multiplayer games for a social gaming experience with friends. We've also got the best free strategy games and the best free shooting games, so fans of all genres can find a new obsession.

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