Merge Mansion Cheats - Hints and Tips for the Match-Three Game

Merge Mansion overworld gameplay.

Like most mobile puzzle games these days, there are a bunch of ways you can get the most out of Merge Mansions without simply propping up the developer's coffers. Down below, we're going to list out a bunch of Merge Mansion cheats and hints to help you do just that.

Merge Mansions is a simple match (or 'merge') puzzle game. You're tasked with merging identical items on the play board to earn rewards. With plenty of features build it in keep you coming back each and every day, there are obviously ways to make things a little easier on your time and wallet.

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All Working Merge Mansions Cheats

If you're looking for tools that essentially go against the game's terms of service and risk getting your account banned, you won't find any Merge Mansions cheats here. Not in the traditional sense of 'cheats' that give you unlimited resources others have to play and pay for, anyway.

What we can offer, though, is a bunch of Merge Mansions cheats that are basically tips and hints instead. These professional pointers should make your time with Merge Mansions a little more enjoyable by optimizing your strategy.

New Merge Mansions Hints and Tips

Never Waste Energy

If you want to play at your obsolute best, it's important to never let your stamina max out for a prolonged period of that. It takes exactly three hours and 20 minutes to fully recharge from zero to 100 energy. Spend it all as soon as it recharges, and you'll never waste a drop.

Spend Coins on Storage Space

Of all the ways you can spend you in-game coins in Merge Mansions, Storage Space upgrades are the best.

You'll see a lot of storage-related hints further down, so just know that optimizing your storage space will really help your gameplay. These double in price each time, though, so there will be a point where the tips below will generally be more useful than saving for another.

The Merge Mansion board.
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Dump the Time Items

If you're running low on Storage Space, it's time to toss out the Time items. Things like Time Chargers and Time Skip Boosters are largely useless and soldom actually used. They're just hoarded. Instead, sell them for some extra resources and use the space for something else.

Merge the Freebies

The get the most from your free Piggy Banks, merge them every four days instead. By getting them to level three, you'll get the most amount of Coins and Gems possible. Collect your items from the Level 1 Piggy Banks, then leave them until day four.

On the same note, Blue/Brown Chests should be merged to Level two, Experience Points to level five, and Bronze Coins to level six for maximum rewards.

Things Are Colour-Coded

For a quick note on whether or not the item you're looking at can be merged, know that mergeable items have a white border, whereas non-mergeable items use grey.

Put Broom Cupboards to Work

The Broom Cabinet is a difficult thing to work with. Because of its low drop rates and boosted difficulty, it's important to start spawning items there as soon as you possibly can. You'll need them.

How Do I Get More Diamonds in Merge Mansions?

Beyond just cracking open those Piggy Banks (at level three, remember?), you can get a couple of free Diamonds from the in-game shop each and every day.

How to Unlock the House in Merge Mansions

You'll naturally unlock the House in Merge Mansions at level 14. If you've made enough progress through the Garage section of the game, at least.

We'll keep adding more helpful hints to this Merge Mansion cheats page over time. If you need more urgently (or just have a question for the community), the game's dedicated subreddit and Discord channels should be your next port of call.

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