Melty Blood Type Lumina Update Adds Training Mode, Network Bugfixes in First Patch

Type Moon Games pushed out the first Melty Blood Type Lumina PC update, with bug fixes to the Network Mode and Free Training mode.

Type Moon made the announcement on the official MB_Lumina Twitter and released a rundown of the patch, which is a small one at just 5.4MB. The patch makes some welcome changes to matches that should result in smoother online play for all.

Type Moon Game have been silent on the next updates and balance fixes for the game.

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Melty Blood Type Lumina PC Patch

For the network improvements, the developers have made the Custom Search feature in ranked more reliable after this patch. Custom Search allows players to immediately check the players looking for a ranked match and pick the opponents as they please.

Players can also reliably see if their foes got into a match with the "Display players in battle" during Custom Search. This feature is supposed to help players get matches consistently and prevent themselves from matching with foes that suddenly got into a match while loading.

On the other end, the Player Match lobbies were also improved.

However, some players have been noticing new bugs when the game is in Fullscreen mode. Some players have been noticing the alt-tabbing away from the Melty Blood Type Lumina game can cause connection losses and crash the game if trying to close it. So far, the only fix for the fullscreen problems is to run the game in Windowed modes to prevent it from happening.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Free Training Mode Fix

Lastly, the Training Mode bugfix is a simple consistency update on recording moves. Players can record moves and full combo strings through dummies to help them simulate the situation and train themselves to defend the moves.

However, the feature would often bug out and record inputs incorrectly which makes the recorded combo unreliable at times. This new patch now puts a stop to this from happening.

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