Melty Blood Type Lumina: How to Save Replays

Like many fighting games, Melty Blood Type Lumina has its own replay system, letting players rewatch their previous matches. Through this feature, players can study their best plays and look at opponent's habits.

If you're looking to make the most of this, here's how players can do that:

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How To Save Replay

Melty Blood Type Lumina Replay Mode
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Melty Blood Type Lumina Replay Mode

To save replays, players must press Start/Options/Pause button after the match, during the Rematch or End Battle screen. This action assures the game to keep a recording of this match, which can viewed and deleted later if needed. The game also prompts players to upload the match publicly after recording it.

This feature works for any online match, both in Ranked Match and Player Match. Rapidly mashing the rematch option or end battle may interrupt the attempt to record the match. Lastly, this feature is also available during spectator mode if players want to record that too.

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How To View Replay

When the replays are saved, players can access the main menu and check Replay mode through the Versus modes. You can watch the recording through this mode and can view the inputs of both players in the match. With this input viewer feature, players can study player habits based on the button presses seen and study execution from enemies.

However, players require an internet connection to view these replays.

How To View Replays Of Others

Alternatively, players can check out the Replay Board in Network mode to see publicly uploaded replays of others. Replays can be sorted by rank and by characters if players need to be specific on the footages they want to watch. Players from every rank can be seen here, providing there's uploaded footage of the match.

For now, players can use the game's replay system to double back on studying the game or just taking on hype moments again.

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