Melty Blood Type Lumina How To Rank Up

Melty Blood Type Lumina has its own ranking system where players can compete to get the best ranks. Players can compete in both ranked matches and player rooms to get to the highest levels. Here's how players can rank up in Melty Blood Type Lumina.

How To Rank Up

To get started, players must get on the Network mode and choose Ranked Match or Player Match. To start earning points, players must start the matchmaking and fight anybody once the game gives them an online opponent. The process is simple and only needs a good connection between players and ending the match up to the end.

Melty Blood Type Lumina has the rollback netcode system which can help matches to be playable up to 200ms of ping. However, it can't help matches that reaches more than 300ms ping and the fight just feels uncontrollable and all over the place.

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How To Gain Rank Points

Rank Points are earned when players keep on going the rank matchmaking. At first, players will keep earning points regardless of they win or lose. However, this trend will only continue up to a certain number of points and will start behaving like a normal point system where wins earn them points and losing takes points from them.

As of now, the points are mostly cosmetic and only flexes how frequent the player has won rank games.

How To Gain Rating

In player rooms, players can opt out to improve their rank points but can improve the player room rating. For this mode, players are ranked based from a letter-based ranking starting from F, E, D, C, B, A, A+. S. and reaching up to S+ as the highest. Players can hope to promote themselves by fighting foes near their rank and winning. However, losing these matches can also demote players as their losses stack against foes of a similar rank.

Lastly, players can not promote or demote themselves if they fight foes that are at least 2 ranks ahead or behind them.

Like the rank points, getting the letter ranking is also purely cosmetic but it does show how much players have won in rooms.

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