Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Use Taunt

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In Melty Blood Type Lumina, players have a taunt option for goading their opponents into attacking them. Some can use this option but it requires players to stay still for a moment. Here's how to taunt in this game.

How To Taunt

Melty Blood Type Lumina has no input button for Taunt. However, some characters often interact with their foes when left idle. Players wanting to taunt their foes must wait for more than two seconds to see their character's taunt animation.

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Staying Still In Fights

Players wanting to taunt their foes often do so as a statement of dominance. Melty Blood Type Lumina's characters have options to cover ground fast, using Moon Skill and projectiles. Players need to shut down these options and stop foes attacking for at least two seconds to pull out their character's idle taunt animation.

Other Ways To Force Foes To Attack

Taunt moves often encourages foes to attack them. That situation often opens up an enemy if their offense is sloppy and land a punishing blow on them. Melty Blood Type Lumina has options to accomplish this.

In-game, players can press A and B attacks simultaneously to use the Moon Charge option where their character poses to gather energy. Characters are locked in this animation until the player drops it. As this fighting game rewards players with good resource management, players need to find ways to deny meter gain and force meter use to get their wins against their foes.

For now, players who want to taunt can rely on this move to get their Magic Circuit meter up if their foe doesn't want to attack.

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