Rumour: NetherRealm's Marvel Fighting Game Roster Leaks

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A leak about NetherRealm's Marvel fighting game appears to have come from an individual claiming to be an employee. An image, a transcript, and a discussion on Reddit can be found here. It's time to get into it because I want to show why this is a false rumor.

Either way, we all know I'm right: NetherRealms Is Most Likely Working on Injustice 3 Instead Of The Marvel Game


NetherRealm Marvel game may have been leaked on 4Chan

Let's discuss the actual 4chan post first, which I will put here:

"I work for NRS and saw a so-called leak on Here that I wanted to debunk. While we are working on a Marvel game, the one that was on here earlier was completely fake. Our game is similar to MK 11 but with less zoning and more freedom with combo potential. Each character has their own trait much like injustice, for example Thor can activate an electrical field that causes extra damage to an opponent when they are hit with mjolnir. You can change traits in the customization menu. So instead of an electrical field, he gains access to a damage over time ability. The trait replaces the stance switch button. The game has skins in addition to gear, like MK11. Story is loosely based on Dark Reign. It will release sometime q1 2022 with a reveal at the end of the year.

1) Captain America
2) Hulk
3) Spiderman (Miles skin)
4) Ironman (War Machine skin)
5) Storm
6) Wolverine
7) Black Widow (Yelena skin)
8) Daredevil
9) Cyclops
10) Elektra
11) Mr. Fantastic
12) Invisible Woman
13) Doctor Strange
14) Thor
15) Green Goblin (Hobgoblin skin)
16) Baron Zemo
17) Iron Maiden
18) Sabretooth
19) Magneto
20) Mystique
21) Loki
22) Enchantress
23) Venom
24) Kraven the Hunter (female)
25) Doctor Doom
26) Bullseye


Pre-order will be Deadpool

Stages includes: Bifrost bridge, Danger Room, Helicarrier, Red Room, and Sanctum Sanctorum

12 DLC planned. Includes a dc character, Gerolt and Mileena"

The person in the post writes what I've quoted about. Someone commented, "sounds dumb."
This is a picture of this "leak."

This Reddit post discusses the leak, but I'm not going to use their help to debunk this. Any NetherRealm fan could see through this one easily.

The combat would have fooled me since the change of stances enables powers' use, but the plot won't fool me. Unlike other companies that can't tell a story, NetherRealm does it well, and you can tell when someone is lying about them.

Before I debunk this, If you want real info on the game, we already have you covered.


The reason that the Marvel Game 'leak' is most likely fake

First of all, Dark Reign takes place after Secret Invasion, which is a fantastic storyline in itself. Because NetherRealm obviously wants this game to turn into an IP and have sequels, why not start with the incredibly popular 'Secret Invasion' storyline? Even if they reprocessed stories, which would be a stretch, why not choose one that would quickly lead to a sequel?

Second, NetherRealm does not copy stories. Injustice was a storyline they developed themselves that ended up in a comic book, not the other way around. A company such as NetherRealm, which is a master at storytelling, can't ignore an opportunity like this. In fact, since NetherRealm can now turn their games into films and comics, it makes sense always to write their own stories to use them in a contract for higher royalties.

Thirdly, and most damning of all, Scorpion would most likely be the first DLC character introduced by NetherRealm. Scorpion is not just the poster boy of Mortal Kombat; he's also the favorite of Ed Boon, the more prominent Co-Creator. He's in almost every NetherRealm game, including DLC for Injustice, so it's silly he wouldn't be recognized as DLC by any NetherRealm employees.


People claim to be NetherRealm employees in Facebook groups all the time, but they don't live near the studio and have very little knowledge of the game. In this case, someone claimed to work for NetherRealm, but is just as unreliable as those who claim to be employees on Facebook. Do what I do and block them before the cringe destroys us all.

I bet that their uncle also works for Nintendo and can get us banned. Better luck next time.