NetherRealms Is Most Likely Working on Injustice 3 Instead Of The Marvel Game

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Developers of Injustice 3, NetherRealm, announced that they would no longer make DLC for Mortal Kombat 11. There's a common assumption that that means they're making the Marvel X-COM game, but I think that's still years away. I have my own theory based on the latest NetherRealm Studios updates.

As the person who correctly predicted that Ed Boon would not consider Omni-Man for DLC, I have earned the right to take another guess. The next game that's going to be released is Injustice 3. The movie that is coming out soon is primarily responsible for this.

Injustice 3 is next to be created by NetherRealm Studios

Mortal Kombat's Twitter account sent a tweet that let people know there will be no more DLC for Mortal Kombat 11, one part of the message caught people's attention. While no details were provided, NetherRealm Studios said it is "now focusing on its next project." So immediately, Injustice 3 rumors flew around.

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It is unfortunate news for Mortal Kombat 11 DLC players still holding out for their wishlist fighters that the development of the DLC is over. Nevertheless, the news is good for those hoping to hear anything about a new Injustice game. Immediately after Mortal Kombat 11 news broke, "Injustice 3," an unannounced game that has been the subject of rumors and speculation anyway, trended on social media.

There is a lot of support for Injustice 3, because of the new movie that's coming. The smartest thing for NetherRealm to do is to release the Injustice game at around the same time as the movie. This way, each markets the other, and sales will rise.


Injustice 3 Reportedly In Early Development, Insider Claims

Even if NetherRealm disagrees, Warner Bros will push them to do it anyway. To them, selling movies (and merch) would be more important than selling a game. So the faster they get a game out, the better. This is my main reason for believing that Injustice 3 is the next game.

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