Injustice 3 May Have Been Leaked Through An Update In Injustice 2

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As I see it, Injustice 3 is on the way. Injustice 2 has received an update similar to that that happened to Mortal Kombat X before Mortal Kombat 11. Additionally, we know from a producer's tweet. Let's get to it quickly.

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Injustice 3 is going to be announced soon

Injustice 2 received a 15 GB update on July 19th, 2021. The following image shows what I mean:

A screenshot of the Injustice 2 updates. The most recent update was on July 19th, 2021.
You can never hide from me.

NetherRealm rarely updates previous games unless there is a good reason. There were a few things fixed, but it appears that NetherRealm Studios was only trying to distract attention from the remaining issues. The following files were added to Injustice 2:

Images of the added files to Injustice 2. They are upsells.
These are upsells. NetherRealm adds them before they sell new games.

There was an update done to Mortal Kombat X, long after it had been deemed 'finished.' The update added upsells to the game. Following the announcement of Mortal Kombat 11, the upsells were later updated to include the game. NetherRealm is preparing to sell a game they will announce soon.

I doubt this is the Marvel game since that game isn't even close to being announced; it's too early in development. There is no DC-NetherRealm partnership that would ever allow Marvel games to be advertised. Most likely, this is Injustice 3. It's not necessary for me to explain why NetherRealm is more likely to make Injustice 3 than Marvel, as I have written an entire article about it.

That article: NetherRealms Is Most Likely Working on Injustice 3 Instead Of The Marvel Game

Is it a new patch or something? The answer is no. The developers of the game, Netherrealm, never returns to fix old pieces of the game after they are finished. This has already been proven by looking at their previous games.


Are you looking for more proof? One of the producers tweeted this to people wondering if MK11, a completed game, will receive any patches.

NetherRealm Studios could make an announcement any day now, especially with the hype surrounding the movie.