The Marvel's Avengers Game Sequel Needs To Be Top Priority

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Since its launch, Crystal Dynamic's Marvel's Avengers game has been plagued by several issues. Cyberpunk 2077 is the only other game that has sparked this kind of controversy. In contrast to Marvel's Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077 retains a high level of popularity, whereas Avengers dropped in fans.

There have been reports that Marvel's Avengers have been hitting zero too often; they are barely making it through. We know that Eidos Montreal is trying to be the exact opposite of Crystal Dynamics in Guardians of the Galaxy. Although DLC is excellent, the series needs a fresh start.


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The Marvel's Avengers game is dying

As a result of the backlash following the game's release, the developers had to quickly alter their plans for the game. New content has been arriving much slower since other problems have been resolved. Without action from Square Enix, they will remain stuck with a game that is genuinely dead.

Despite never reaching zero on Steam, the player base of Avengers from last September onwards has been on the decline. In its first two months, the game lost 96% of its players. During the holidays and due to Hawkeye, Marvel's Avengers briefly gained in popularity.


With each new DLC, this continues to happen. After the new content is released, the game's fanbase increases for a while, but then it drops again. A game that survives on this basis will not last.

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The Marvel's Avengers game needs a sequel

Square Enix is the publisher for both Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics. Yet, Eidos Montreal seems to be doing everything they can to not follow the footsteps of Marvel's Avengers. The reasoning is easy to see.


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How can we solve this problem? Make a sequel. After the DLC, announce that the game will end and that a new one will be released.

Occasionally, it's best to start over since all of the issues with Marvel's Avengers feel permanent. Marvel's Avengers doesn't seem trustworthy, and players would love a game they could trust. Marvel's Avengers 2, anyone?