The Steam Player Count For Marvel's Avengers Has Dwindled To Zero Multiple Times

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Marvel's Avengers has had the most challenging time keeping its fanbase. This is due to the lackluster release and disappointment many fans have felt. While we could only guess at how inactive the fanbase was before, now we have definitive proof that things are not going well for Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers.

A screenshot of a Steam Chart posted on Reddit clearly shows that the PC fanbase is dying. It even dropped to zero concurrent players twice, which is bad news regardless of the game. It may be that irrespective of what Square Enix does, they can't fix Marvel's Avengers.


Marvel's Avengers drops to zero twice

While it may seem acceptable because the data shows that March was a significant boost in players, that is not the case. The only reason for the growth was because of the big update March had, and there was such a significant drop that it's hard to say that update did much. This just shows how tired people are of this game and that a few updates will not keep the fan base around for very long.

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As evidenced by two dropouts in the last month, the efforts to fix Marvel's Avengers haven't been successful with its players. The number of players on Steam suggests this, at least. There was a moment when the platform registered no active players where a Reddit user u/ItsOverBruhGTFO posted the event on Reddit. Even if these were glitches, Marvel's Avengers is still in trouble.


Even if the player count of Avengers on Steam has never reached zero, its base from last September onwards has been trending downward. During the first two months, the game lost 96% of its players. Marvel's Avengers temporarily boosted its popularity during the holidays and by Hawkeye, but both times the change was short-lived.

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Following the backlash after the game's release, whatever plans the developers had for the game were rapidly derailed. Since other problems have been resolved, new content has been arriving a lot slower. If Square Enix doesn't do something soon, they will be wasting their time and money on a genuinely dead game.