Is Guardians Of The Galaxy Part Of Marvel's Avengers?

When we saw Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time, the first question we wanted an answer to was simple. Will this be set in the same universe as Marvel's Avengers? Of course, since the same company publishes both games, the question is valid.

Even though Square Enix has been quiet about that, maybe to help Marvel's Avengers, Eidos-Montreal has been vocal about it. Guardians of the Galaxy developers Eidos Montreal responded to fans' questions. First, they stated that these are two very different teams handling the games, and then they discussed the Guardians of the Galaxy universe.

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Does Guardians Of The Galaxy Take Place In The Same Universe As Marvel's Avengers?

The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game will have its own universe, according to developer Eidos Montreal. So, no, it won't take place alongside Marvel's Avengers, just like Marvel's Spider-Man is set in a different universe. There are really a lot of missed opportunities here that just happen to line up.

As part of Square Enix Presents' 2021 E3 showcase, Square Enix revealed the cosmic superhero game, describing its choice-based narrative and demonstrating large portions of its gameplay. Guardians of the Galaxy is primarily inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy comic books, with the characters' appearances translated directly from the comics.

Many fans probably thought the new game would be a direct extension of Marvel's Avengers franchise. The announcement of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy in the same showcase as Marvel's Avengers caused fans to think Marvel's space adventure would fit seamlessly into the Marvel universe established by Marvel's Avengers. However, it doesn't appear that these Guardians will appear in Marvel's Avengers or any other Marvel game.

Square Enix only wanted to detail both Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and share updates on Marvel's Avengers, which will receive several content updates in the coming months. A new in-engine trailer for Black Panther's War for Wakanda expansion was the highlight of the game and the Cosmic Cube event and the Wasteland Patrol. The expansion will come in August, and it will provide access to Wakanda, Ulysses Klaw, and Black Panther.

Guardians of the Galaxy won't be in Marvel's Avengers? How do we know?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Twitter account confirmed that the game would be set within its own universe via a tweet to Twitter user VaintLord. In response to a question about whether Guardians of the Galaxy would be connected to Marvel's Avengers, the account said:

"No, this is a completely original story with our own fresh take on the Guardians."

This strong response makes it unlikely that Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy will be connected to the Marvel universe established by its other games, outside of a few minor cosmetic nods. In contrast to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most of Marvel's video games are set in their own canon.

Spider-Man from Marvel's Spider-Man will remain in its own franchise, so the addition of Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers will not affect his incarnation. Because of this, Marvel players can expect that other Marvel games won't feature characters like Star-Lord from this cannon.

It is sad to know, but we must face facts unless we can convince them!

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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is scheduled to release on October 26 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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