Marvel's Avengers Cosmic Cube Release Date And Details

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During E3, two Marvel's Avengers DLC packs were discussed, the first was War for Wakanda, and the second was Cosmic Cube. There is a great deal of information available about Marvel's Avengers Cosmic cube. This DLC looks almost as big, if not as big, as War for Wakanda.

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During Square Enix's E3 2021 showcase yesterday, Marvel's Avengers took the stage to build hype for upcoming content and reveal a new look at the upcoming War for Wakanda expansion. The company presented a short video showcasing Villain Sector content linked to the Cosmic Cube but did not detail what players can expect or when it will be released. Luckily, an official article released following the event does precisely that.

Marvel's Avengers Cosmic Cube DLC information

Up until now, no exact details have been shared about Marvel's Avengers Cosmic Cube Villain Event, which has been on the game's 2021 Road Map with an upcoming June release. The official E3 announcements by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are now available, complete with all the event dates and rewards.

It would help if you took into account two release dates here: one for the Cosmic Cube Villain Sector missions, starting with Beating The Odds, and one for the limited-time Cosmic Threat Event. Cosmic Threat activities will follow a set timeframe, and players will have a limited time to complete the tasks and unlock limited-time rewards.

"Beating The Odds" in Cosmic Cube will be available on June 22nd and will be playable with any Hero with a Power Level 35 or higher.

Rewards for Marvel's Avengers Cosmic Cube Intro Missions:

  • 1 Hero Set gear
  • PL100 and under: Epic gear
  • PL100 and above: Legendary gear
  • 1 DNA Key
  • 3 Polychoron
  • One piece of equipment whose quality is scaled to your power level

Rewards for Marvel's Avengers Cosmic Cube weekly missions:

  • Gear which is based on the power level
  • Under PL80: Two pieces of equipment whose quality is scaled according to your power level
  • PL80+: Two pieces of the Surging Set Legendary gear
  • PL120+: Chance to get Tachyon Exotic gear
  • 15 Polychoron
  • 1 DNA key
  • A single piece of equipment scaled to your power level
  • Already completed missions chains (Repeated Completions):
  • Power level-appropriate gear

Marvel's Avengers Cosmic Cube Cosmic Threat Event Dates:

  • Beginning on June 24th and ending on July 8th
  • Eight minor missions (one for each hero)
  • You must use specific Hero abilities or complete general objectives to complete these.
  • The themed hero will receive scaling quality gear if he or she is below PL 120 by completing these missions. You'll get a Tachyon Exotic if that Hero is PL 120 or higher.

Marvel's Avengers Cosmic Cube A Cosmic Threat - Major Mission:

  • This mission aims to defeat the new Villain Sector, defeat a large number of enemies in Cosmic Threat Sectors, and deal Cosmic damage.

Here are the rewards:

  • An animated nameplate for the team
  • If your Hero is PL120+, you'll receive one Tachyon Exotic for melee/ranged slots and one Tachyon Exotic for the defense/heroic slots. PL 120 and under heroes will receive gear that scales in quality to their PL. You must play the hero you wish to receive rewards from.