[Update] Severe Bug In Marvel's Avengers Displays Players' IP Address On-Screen

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Update - June 23

Crystal Dynamics released Marvel's Avengers 1.8b and said it resolves the issue where PS5 players were having their IP addresses displayed during gameplay.

Original Story - June 22

You know it's bad when patches, instead of fixing bugs, makes things worse. The developers behind Marvel's Avengers faced this very issue.

The recent Marvel's Avengers 1.8.0 patch brought in a lot of new content to the game. But it also introduced a major privacy breach as well.

The IP address bug in Marvel's Avengers

After the recent update, players started reporting that the game was displaying their IP addresses on screen. Not only that, it was also showing the PSN ID of players.

According to various reports on social media, players on PlayStation were the ones affected. The developers were quick to respond to this issue as well.

They said that they were looking into the bug on an urgent basis. They also discouraged players from streaming the game if they spotted such an issue.

The game has been plagued with a lot of issues from the very beginning, and it isn't doing the developers any good.

While they're still trying to fix this problem, I don't need to tell you how problematic it can be if your IP is exposed on the internet.

All in all, this is a major breach of privacy. Miscreants on the internet can do all sorts of things, including steal your identity on the internet, if they know your IP address.

The community wasn't happy with this issue either. They weren't happy about the way the game was progressing, and this issue was just another nail in the coffin.

While I'm not sure if Marvel's Avengers will be able to recover from this blow, I just hope Square Enix doesn't end up making a similar blunder with Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Please DO NOT stream the game if you're encountering this issue. Wait for the fix!

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