Marvel’s Avengers Celebrates Captain America's Birthday With July 4 Sale

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Captain America's birthday is being celebrated in Marvel's Avengers. Now that Independence Day is upon us in the United States, the game has a sale. There will be discounts available in-game in the store.

It all came out in a tweet from Marvel's Avengers. There is no rush since the new sale will end after July 7th. Even so, we want to show our support for our Captain, so I suggest players celebrate his birthday in style.


Marvel's Avengers is celebrating Captain America's birthday with a brand new sale

To celebrate Captain America's birthday on July 4th, Marvel's Avengers is having a cosmetic sale. Several Earth's Mightiest Heroes can be controlled in Marvel's Avengers, an action role-playing brawler created and published by Square Enix. In September 2020, the game launched with a live-service model, which means new heroes and supervillain bosses have been released as free updates since then.

Square Enix is promoting in-game cosmetics of Captain America in honor of American Independence Day, which is also his fictional birthday. Marvel's Avengers will discount Captain America skins, nameplates, combat takedowns, and character emotes up to 50% during the sale. A new skin for Captain America, dubbed Ultimate Captain America, has also been added to the marketplace update, which takes its cues from the classic design of the hero found in Marvel Comics.


Microtransactions have been heavily criticized in Marvel's Avengers, with the highest-quality skins in the game costing up to $14. Cosmetic currency is also limited, so if players want the game's newest skins, they have to dip into their own pockets. Captain America's birthday sale should reduce some of the cosmetic costs of the game. Still, it is merely a temporary fix to the problem of unmanageable cosmetic costs in Marvel's Avengers.

Happy Independence Day everyone, as is custom, make sure to dump some tea down the sink before you go to bed on July 3rd.