Marvel's Avengers Captain America MCU Skin includes authentic shield

The Marvel Cinematic Universe skin set for Marvel's Avengers has been completed. It's fair to say that many of the players in Marvel's Avengers wanted to use the skins from the comics and movies. After a year of waiting, we finally received the movie skins, so we're pretty happy.

In addition to the skin, an actual MCU shield will also be included. The shield looks like the one Chris Evan uses so often in his films. So there's only one thing left to do: add Chris Evans' Infinity War outfit.

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Marvel's Avengers adding MCU Captain America skin

Captain America's Avengers: Endgame outfit is available on the Marvel's Avengers marketplace today. According to this image, the skin is inspired by the appearance of Captain America in the last battle of Endgame. There haven't been any new MCU skins since Marvel's Avengers added iron Man's Mark 85 suit to the game in May.

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Crystal Dynamics announced Wednesday through its PlayAvengers Twitter account that Captain America's outfit from Avengers: Endgame will be available as a skin on Thursday, June 24. Unfortunately, a new MCU-inspired skin is likely to cost 1400 credits because all the other ones cost about as much.

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Following his time heist with the Avengers, Steve Rogers assembles the red, white, and blue suit in preparation for possible consequences. I still rewatch that moment on YouTube today because it's so great. Cap wears the suit throughout the ending battle, but not before welding Mjölnir and saying, "Avengers! … Assemble."

So good. So very good.

During Marvel's Avengers updated roadmap, the company revealed that Endgame-inspired outfits are set to end in June, while other MCU projects will be featured in the coming months. The God of Thunder can likely receive his Avengers: Endgame skin soon since there are just a few days left in the month of June.

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