Mario Strikers: Battle League Daisy Release Date - When Is the DLC?

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Image of Daisy from the Super Mario series, wearing a yellow dress and crown.

The new Mario Strikers game is out now, but some of your favourite Nintendo characters may be missing from the launch roster. There are ten players but a few notable omissions. As such, fans are clamouring to learn the Mario Strikers: Battle League Daisy release date. The answer is still largely shrouded in mystery, but we've dealt with similar situations before and believe we know how it could play out this time.

In this Mario Strikers: Battle League guide, we'll run through the Daisy release date, so you know when this much-anticipated player will arrive in the game. It's always good news to see more additions to a game post-launch, so we'll have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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When Is the Mario Strikers: Battle League Daisy Release Date?

At the moment, Nintendo has yet to provide a release date for Daisy in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Even worse, we don't actually know whether she's confirmed to appear in the game or not.

When the first trailers for Battle League came out at the February 2022 Nintendo Direct, Daisy's omission was a notable one. Considering she was one of the base captains in the 2007 entry Mario Strikers Charged, her absence was immediately conspicuous.

However, Daisy's key role in the previous entry means she should at least appear as a DLC character down the line.

Daisy as she could appear in Mario Strikers: Battle League.
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Considering there is rumoured to be a Nintendo Direct at the end of June, that would be the perfect time to announce a new striker, and Daisy could well fit that bracket as the first post-release character to come to the game. It's a great way to get some wind beneath the game's sails a few weeks after launch, so there's reason to believe it'll happen.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see, and we'll update this guide as and when new details emerge on Daisy in Battle League. For now though, she won't be tearing up the pitch for the forseeable future. To soothe that disappointment, why not redeem the latest Genshin Impact codes? That's a great way to get some new characters in that team-based game as well.