How To Score Goals in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Image of Waluigi and Peach in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Ready to bury some shots in the top corner? Earning points in the latest Mario Strikers game isn't always easy, and as such, we've got tips on how to score in Mario Strikers: Battle League. More than just a simple button press, there's quite a lot of strategy to it, which we'll walk you through.

In this Mario Strikers: Battle League guide, we'll go through the basic and advanced strategy to scoring goals. With a wide range of shooting options available, including the elite Hyper Strike, we'll get you winning matches in no time.

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How Do I Score Goals in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

The control scheme in Mario Strikers: Battle League will feel immediately familiar to anyone who has ever played the FIFA games before. In keeping with that, the shoot command is the A button. It's the equivalent to circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox, which makes sense.

Of course, just because you shoot the ball doesn't mean you're guaranteed to score. In fact, scoring goals in Mario Strikers: Battle League is actually a surprisingly difficult task. That's because the nets are very small compared to the size of the goalkeepers. As such, only the best strikes go in.

Therefore, you'll need to power up and aim shots if you want any chance of scoring goals. To do that, you need to hold down A as you line up a shot, using the left analog stick to aim the shot direction. Generally speaking, you'll want to aim it wherever the goalkeeper isn't covering, often one of the four corners of the net.

The key is to line up the shot just before you shoot, leaving the goalie with very little time to react. If you invest wisely in equipment that boosts your shooting, you'll also have more powerful shots that can curve away from the keeper too.

It's very much something you'll pick up as you play, but the best method is to power up shots as much as possible and aim them in tricky positions. Simply tapping A and aiming a weak shot at the goalkeeper will do nothing, and you'll struggle to score. Therefore, you've got to be a bit more inventive.

Equally, if you strike a good shot that the goalkeeper manages to save, it often takes them a moment to get back up and prepare for any secondary shots. If you can manage to shoot on the rebound after a save, you'll have a much better chance of scoring.

Image of a Hyper Strike move in Mario Strikers: Battle League.
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How Do I Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

The Hyper Strike move is slightly more difficult to pull off, though is often the best route to guaranteeing yourself a goal.

Just like a finisher move in a fighting game, it's a shot that conjures up each character's unique special power and is incredibly hard for goalkeepers to stop. A Hyper Strike is worth two goals if it goes in, so they can hugely turn the tide of a match.

To perform a hyper strike, you'll need to pick up a Hyper Orb. These electric orbs spawn randomly throughout the match. Run over to one, and lightning will course through all of your teammates for the next 20 seconds.

From there, get control of the ball and fully power up a shot. Then, a meter will come up, prompting you to press 'A' twice to determine the power of the Hyper Strike.

Aim for the smaller blue segment, because landing both blue segments will guarantee that the shot is unstoppable. Characters with a higher technique stat will have larger blue segments when shooting, so using them is a good strategy.

If you land in the orange sections, your character will send a high-powered shot at the goalie. Unlike a human trying to protect their face from a high-velocity projectile, any Mario Strikers character in front of the net will attempt a save. But if you're lucky, it'll go in, giving you two extra goals.

That's it for our tips on how to shoot in Mario Strikers: Battle League. It's something you'll increasingly get to grips with the more you play, meaning you'll score top-corner wondergoals in no time.

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