How to Get the Omen Skin in Lost Ark

The Lost Ark Omen skin set is available now as part of the March update, and it’s more than just an upgrade for your current costume. It includes a mount skin and even a special weapon skin - assuming you don’t mind paying for it.

This guide explains how to get the Omen skin in Lost Ark and what it costs you, as well as whether there’s an alternate method of obtaining it.

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How to Get Omen Skin in Lost Ark

The Omen skin set is a limited-time item in the Lost Ark shop that’s only around during March. Smilegate said it will disappear after the April update goes live. The only way to obtain it, though, is by spending Royal Crystals.

The Omen skin set costs 2,000 Royal Crystals, or you can spend 2,400 Royal Crystals and get the Omen Package, which includes a skin for your weapon as well.

Royal Crystals cost roughly $1 per hundred crystals. You’d need to spend $19.99 on the 2,200 Crystal bundle to get the basic Omen set and then supplement that with a bit more for the Omen Package.

Can You Get the Omen Skin Without Paying?

Not really, unless Smilegate makes some changes before the April update. There’s no way to earn Royal Crystals yet, and while you could potentially buy it with Gold from the Auction House, it’s probably not a good idea. Any refund requests, unusual activities, or chargebacks - among other possible issues - could result in your account being banned.

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